What Are Chest Tool Boxes

The truck tool box chest is a classic accessory that no ruck owner can afford to be without. It's simple, uncomplicated and convenient: It goes into your truck bed and securely stores all your tools in an organized fashion. Today's manufacturers like Better Built, JOBOX and Delta Tool Boxes made this timeless accessory even better. Check out Leonard Accessories' selection of toolboxes, ready to install into your truck bed so you can get back on the road fast. 

Find the Best Truck Tool Box Chest

Truck chest toolboxes come in a large range of sizes and capacities. Constructed from sturdy aluminum or durable steel, every truck chest tool box provides compact storage and organization in a portable easy-to-install construction. Some models fit full-size truck beds, while others are even larger — heavy-duty job site chests designed to pack multiple smaller toolboxes inside. Ultimate weather resistance, security and durability keep the entire team's tools safe and within easy reach. 

Selecting the best tool box chest for your truck is rather simple. First, you must consider size and capacity. Second, you must also look at materials. Most manufacturers choose corrosion-resistant steel or aluminum for all-weather dependability. You may find some polyethylene versions: They're corrosion- and weather-resistant, but they also weigh less than some steel and aluminum chests. 

Features of Chest Tool Boxes

Chest toolboxes offer some obvious benefits: secure locking and portability, just to name a few. But there are other advantages that are worth mentioning. Weatherproof boxes don't just withstand the elements on the outside — many models are also leakproof. Equipped with weatherstripping, these toolboxes prevent moisture and dust from ruining your valuable tools. Look for models outfitted with leakproof paddle handles, which stop backspray from entering internal compartments. Leonard Accessories also carries chest toolboxes with self-rising lids, with lid lifts that remain raised while you're grabbing the right tools for the job. 

Besides an extensive inventory of high-quality products, Leonard Accessories offers solid expertise to help you choose the right chest tool box for truck. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can answer questions about fitment, shipping and other vital topics. Get your toolbox from Leonard Accessories today!


Whether you're a busy professional or a handy do-it-yourselfer, finding the right truck tool box for your vehicle can help ensure that you always have the tools for the job no matter where you're working. Among the most popular styles of truck tool boxes is the chest-style tool box. These versatile, roomy boxes are installed behind the cab on the floor of your truck bed, creating a low, streamlined look that optimizes gas mileage and doesn't get in the way of your core storage area. One of the reasons many drivers choose the truck tool box chest is because it's low-profile enough to fit beneath a tonneau cover.

Find a Chest Truck Tool Box for Your Needs

Shop Leonard to discover a rugged chest truck tool box that will help you stash all of your belongings without compromising security or space. Available in a wide range of sizes and materials - including sleek silver aluminum and rugged black - we have a chest tool box for truck owners of all preferences. Shop high-performance styles with incredible features such as propping lids that create a convenient work surface and tamper-resistant locks for the ultimate in on-the-go security. Roomy interior compartments coupled with sliding trays for smaller pieces and parts help keep you organized everywhere you go.

With a fitment guarantee, we've got the right chest tool box for trucks of all years, makes, and models here at Leonard. Before you check out, simply plug in your truck details and we'll make sure we send you the exact tool box for your unique rig. Leonard Accessories is your go-to resource for the best truck tool boxes, chest and otherwise, by the top names in truck accessories. Shop styles by Delta Tool Boxes, JOBOX, UWS, Buyers Products, WeatherGuard, CorBox, and more right here.

Chest Truck Toolboxes for Popular Models

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Popular Chest Truck Toolboxes Brands

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