Haul More with Flatbed Truck Tool Boxes

You know you can outfit your pickup truck with a rugged, versatile tool box, but did you know you can install one on your flatbed too? These specially made boxes are uniquely designed to provide easy access to tools while accommodating flatbed loads. They work well with both standard flatbeds and stake bed trucks. Whether you regularly transport building materials, heavy machinery or unusual loads, you know you can always use extra space for essential tools and supplies on the job. That's why you need one of these flatbed truck tool boxes from Leonard Accessories.

If you own a flatbed truck, it stands to reason you like to take it out and put its abilities to the test now and again. Plenty of people invest in this type of vehicle because it can bring a lot of power and convenience to a daily routine. For those who use their trucks to travel to odd jobs or projects, for example, these vehicles store a ton of important items and tools. To protect these valuables, you should always consider what flatbed tool boxes have to offer. 

What Are Flatbed Tool Boxes

Most people are familiar with what tool boxes for trucks are. Essentially, these are storage units that can be installed in the flatbed of a truck. Typically, these containers are used so that motorists can safely and securely store a variety of items like tools, gear, accessories, or whatever other items might be needed for a day’s ventures. Like all accessories made for trucks, it is important to understand that tool boxes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, strengths, and purposes. Before making an investment, it is best to weigh out your options.

Features Of Flatbed Truck Tool Boxes

When looking at flatbed truck tool boxes, you want to narrow your search based around a few key factors. For one, it can be a good idea to review what your daily routine looks like. If you transport larger items, then it makes sense that you would require reinforced containers that can hold bigger tools and accessories. Similarly, opting for a more durable model can be a wise decision when you tend to take your truck off the beaten path.

Types Of Flatbed Tool Boxes

There are many different types of tool boxes for flatbed trucks. When going about the search for the right fit for your vehicle, it is a good idea to assess the basic components of what makes for a quality box. As mentioned, durability is a point to focus on. Beyond this, look for options that are meant to fit with the make and model of your truck. Compatibility is key, so refer to the owner’s manual of your vehicle to gain insight into this decision.

Owning a truck provides you with plenty of opportunities to get more done in a professional sense. Whether you work in construction or you simply like to do odd jobs for friends on the weekends, knowing your options with flatbed tool boxes can help you get more out of your trusted ride. 


Types of Tool Boxes for Flatbed Trucks

You can fit a flatbed with tool boxes of many styles. For high-capacity loads, select a topsider tool box that installs on the sides of the flat bed and offers convenient features such as slide-out drawers. Select one of these top-mount flatbed tool boxes if you tend to haul longer loads and don't want to compromise an inch of your bed space. Crossbody truck tool boxes extend across the back of your flatbed or stake bed and are great for those who want a high-capacity option with easy access from either side.

We have a huge selection of quality flatbed tool boxes with drawers, flip-up organizer compartments and more to suit your specific storage needs. At Leonard Accessories, we're staffed by a team of product experts who know the ins and outs of flatbed hauling. Whether you need advice on a great tool box for a flatbed dually or simply don't see a style that meets your needs, Leonard Accessories is here to help. Convenience is guaranteed with these custom tool boxes for flatbed trucks thanks to our fitment guarantee.

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