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When To Get An Auxiliary Diesel Fuel Tank

The mechanics of combustion engines are simple. Without fuel, there's no combustion and no engine power. Running out of fuel is never a good thing, but this situation can be worse for truck drivers than those in standard passenger vehicles. Yet trucks offer an advantage that passenger cars don't: extra room. And that extra room lets you install an auxiliary diesel fuel tank from Leonard Accessories. We offer a large inventory of fuel tanks from great brands like Aluminum Tank Industries, Titan, RDS and Transfer Flow, Inc. 

What Auxiliary Fuel Tank Is Right For You

"Time is money" may be a cliched expression, but there's a nugget of truth in it. No matter what type of cargo you haul, you must reach your destination at or before your deadline. Since every drive is unpredictable, you can't foresee some obstacles that lay ahead: law enforcement checkpoints,  accidents or a moose refusing to move out of the road. 

Delays like these cost you valuable time. If you're running behind schedule, you can't afford a pit stop to fill up. So, do you risk it and run late anyway or take the chance and potentially wind up out of fuel? With an aux diesel tank, that worry completely disappears. Leonard stocks auxiliary fuel tanks ranging in capacity from 40 to 90 gallons. With that much extra fuel, you're more than covered. 

Benefits of Tank And Tool Box Combos

Installing an auxiliary fuel tank increases fuel capacity and lets you drive longer distances without filling up. But if you're already short on cargo room, you may need a different solution: a fuel tank/toolbox combo. You get two accessories in one — a fuel tank in the bottom compartment shielded in a sturdy housing, and a top compartment equipped with a locking lid. 

For over 50 years, Leonard Accessories has provided the best selection of truck products at competitive prices. We don't just offer high-quality accessories with superior value and dependable performance: our pros have comprehensive expertise to help you select the auxiliary fuel tank, installation accessories and everything else you need. Shop our extensive selection of fuel tanks now. 


Extend your driving range and reduce fuel stops with a Bed-Mounted Auxiliary Tank or A Larger Capacity Replacement Fuel Tank.  Choose Tanks for Diesel, Gas, and Auxiliary Tank and Toolbox Combos 

Fuel Tanks and Toolbox Combos for Popular Models

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Popular Fuel Tanks and Toolbox Combos Brands

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