Fuel Transfer Tank & Fuel Tank Toolbox Combo

Buy one of our best-brands fuel transfer tanks for trucks to carry, store or transfer additional fuel for your pickup. We have fuel tank toolbox combo kits that equal a fuel transfer tank plus tool storage box for your truck. Shop favorite brands like Aluminum Tank Industries, Titan Fuel Tanks, Handy Industries and RDS to transfer extra fuel to another vehicle or equipment.

Why Fuel Transfer Tanks Are Beneficial

Wise truck owners are always prepared. And being prepared means having the gear you need to do the job right and get yourself out of a jam. When you know you're going to need extra fuel, the solution is simple: a high-quality fuel tank for truck bed from Leonard Accessories. Thanks to our large selection of fuel tanks and accessories, you can always have fuel at the ready no matter where you go.

Find the Right Truck Bed Fuel Tank

Also called auxiliary fuel tanks, truck bed fuel tanks are like portable refueling stations. You can keep your extra fuel tank handy for emergencies or quick fillups anywhere. But how do you select the best one for your rig? You should look at three essential factors when buying your fuel tank:

  • Fuel capacity
  • Dimensions
  • Additional features

Selecting your auxiliary fuel tank capacity is pretty straightforward. You must consider your vehicle's size plus how much fuel it can hold. Your new truck bed fuel tank must be able to fit onto or inside the bed. Some sizes may require additional mounting hardware, so check each tank's specs before you buy. It's also wise to think about any additional features you may need. With fuel tank toolbox combos available, you can enjoy fuel and tool storage all in one unit. 

Upgrade Your Fuel Transfer Tank With Premium Accessories

Once you've selected your fuel tank, your next step is choosing accessories. Some models automatically come with pumps and hoses, but you may need an auxiliary installation kit for proper hookup. Some models let you install fuel gauges directly onto the tanks' exteriors so you can see fuel levels at a glance. Other accessories such as bulkhead drain kits, locking fuel caps, tie-down kits and body insulator kits improve functionality, safety and convenience. 

Truck and SUV owners have trusted Leonard Accessories as their aftermarket parts source for more than 40 years. Count on Leonard for an extensive collection of truck fuel transfer tanks from top brands such as Titan Fuel Tanks, RDS, JOBOX and Aluminum Tank Industries. Shop our selection of DOT-approved fuel transfer tanks now. 


We have U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT)-approved fuel transfer tanks for trucks for your pickup truck by Aluminum Tank Industries. These fuel transfer tanks with welded baffles will hold gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, methanol or aviation fuel.

We have truck fuel transfer tanks with pump included. One popular make by Transfer Flow Inc. is a transfer and refueling tank system with a fuel pump and 12-ft. hose with nozzle.

Transfer Tank and Toolbox Combos

Shop our line of fuel transfer tanks for trucks that include built-in toolboxes for storage and efficiency. Our RDS fuel transfer tank plus toolbox can handle gas, diesel fuel or aviation fuel. The fuel transfer tank has fully welded seams on a heavy-duty aluminum tank with internal baffles.

The built-on toolbox has a reinforced lid with welded lid braces and two stainless steel handles. One handle has a locking mechanism for added security.

Fuel Transfer Tank Accessories

We also carry diesel-only auxiliary fuel tank installation kits that come with filler neck adapter hoses and clamps. Use these kits for ATI diesel auxiliary fuel tanks and fuel transfer tank/toolbox combo kits.

We have bulkhead drain kits and replacement fuel transfer tanks. Shop our transfer pump kits and fuel tank insulator kits. Unsure about what kind of fuel transfer tank you need? Consult our free fuel tank guide for more information.

Fuel Tanks for Popular Models

Ford F-150 Fuel Tanks | Ford F-250 Fuel Tanks | Toyota Tundra Fuel Tanks | Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Fuel Tanks | Ram 3500 Fuel Tanks | GMC Sierra 2500 Fuel Tanks

Popular Fuel Tanks Brands

JOBOX Fuel Tanks | Titan Fuel Tanks Fuel Tanks | RDS Fuel Tanks | WeatherGuard Fuel Tanks | Delta Tool Boxes Fuel Tanks

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