Fuel Transfer Tank & Fuel Tank Toolbox Combo

Buy one of our best-brands fuel transfer tanks for trucks to carry, store or transfer additional fuel for your pickup. We have fuel tank toolbox combo kits that equal a fuel transfer tank plus tool storage box for your truck. Shop favorite brands like Aluminum Tank Industries, Titan Fuel Tanks, Handy Industries and RDS to transfer extra fuel to another vehicle or equipment.


We have U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT)-approved fuel transfer tanks for trucks for your pickup truck by Aluminum Tank Industries. These fuel transfer tanks with welded baffles will hold gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, methanol or aviation fuel.

We have truck fuel transfer tanks with pump included. One popular make by Transfer Flow Inc. is a transfer and refueling tank system with a fuel pump and 12-ft. hose with nozzle.

Transfer Tank and Toolbox Combos

Shop our line of fuel transfer tanks for trucks that include built-in toolboxes for storage and efficiency. Our RDS fuel transfer tank plus toolbox can handle gas, diesel fuel or aviation fuel. The fuel transfer tank has fully welded seams on a heavy-duty aluminum tank with internal baffles.

The built-on toolbox has a reinforced lid with welded lid braces and two stainless steel handles. One handle has a locking mechanism for added security.

Fuel Transfer Tank Accessories

We also carry diesel-only auxiliary fuel tank installation kits that come with filler neck adapter hoses and clamps. Use these kits for ATI diesel auxiliary fuel tanks and fuel transfer tank/toolbox combo kits.

We have bulkhead drain kits and replacement fuel transfer tanks. Shop our transfer pump kits and fuel tank insulator kits. Unsure about what kind of fuel transfer tank you need? Consult our free fuel tank guide for more information.

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