When it comes to time-sensitive projects, the ability to access your tools quickly is critical. The gull wing truck tool box makes it easy to grab a screwdriver, hammer, or wrench and get to work. At first glance, it looks like a crossover toolbox but it has two lids instead of one. The dual locking covers let you open the box from either the driver or passenger side without climbing into the truck bed. Some of the reasons to buy a gull wing tool box are:

  • Quick access to small and medium-size tools
  • Independent lids
  • Protection against harsh weather and theft
  • Customizable organization
  • Space underneath the toolbox for materials and storage

Getting the job done right means maximizing time. Installing a gull wing tool box on your truck helps you do that by ensuring your tools are organized and accessible. These types of tool boxes are versatile and durable options that are also designed to provide full access to your truck bed.

What Are Gull Wing Tool Boxes?

Similar to a crossover tool box, gull wings sit on the rails of the truck to ensure convenient and quick access from either side of the truck. The main difference is that these have two lids instead of one. This makes it easy to keep tools separate or store other items without having them exposed while accessing simple tools. Each door has its own built-in lock and is sealed to keep the elements out. They are designed for fast and easy installation.

Types of Gull Wing Truck Boxes

No matter what type of truck you have, there is a low profile gull wing tool box out there that is just for you. They are available in aluminum and steel options, both of which are durable materials. If you want to add extra flair, many are available in different powder coats that give them color and make them more resistant to harsh weather. They are available in different sizes, ensuring you can find one to fit your truck bed. Depending on the model, they will have a different type of opening system. Some have a convenient push-button while others have traditional handles or latches.

Benefits of Using a Gull Wing Tool Box

Knowing that time is of the essence on a project, a gullwing toolbox helps you find the right tool quickly. With this type of tool box you don't have to sacrifice what you transport to stay organized. Their unique design still lets you transport bulky or tall items without interference. Along with staying organized, installing a tool box means that your tools are safe and secure from potential thieves and damaging weather. Another benefit is visibility while driving. Since they mount like a crossover, it means that your view from the rear-view mirror isn't restricted.


Leonard Accessories has the latest gull wing truck tool boxes for sale from industry leaders, such as Delta Tool Boxes, Buyers Products, WeatherGuard, and JOBOX. We've built strong relationships with these manufacturers and can offer their products at great prices.

Heavy-Duty Truck Storage

Dozens of gull wing cross boxes are in stock so you can select the appropriate tool storage solution. Aluminum gull wing truck boxes offer professional grade, lightweight protection while steel toolboxes do solid work on a budget. Most of these boxes have center hinges so the lids open from the end. However, there are some rear-opening toolboxes if you prefer this design. Most include trays and dividers to organize the contents, so they don't get scrambled while driving.

We offer gull wing truck bed toolboxes in many sizes and colors, so you have plenty of storage space plus some style to go with it. Because of their similar shapes and installation methods, truck owners can measure the bed for a gull wing box in much the same way they would for a crossover box. Call our experts or use live chat if you have any questions. We've been a trusted truck accessory company since 1963 with stores throughout the Southeast and shipping from coast to coast.

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Popular Gull Wing Truck Tool Boxes Brands

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