Side Mount and Top Side Tool Boxes for Trucks

Tool Storage Has Never Been Easier

Whether you're a business-owner, a hobbyist or a Regular Joe who appreciates the convenience of on-the-go access, the high side truck toolbox is an obvious choice. These versatile truck accessories keep your tools and supplies well-organized and protected while you're on the road or on a job site. A heavy-duty high side toolbox from Leonard Buildings and Truck Accessories can help you keep your gear and equipment secure. Many sizes, colors and materials are available to suit your needs.

What is a High Side Toolbox?

As you'll see from our massive lineup of truck toolboxes, there are several different styles to suit a range of trucks. High side toolboxes, also known as top side or side mount truck toolboxes, are mounted on the sides of your truck bed to provide easy access to supplies without compromising cargo space in the bed of your truck. They are especially convenient for those who want to be able to reach their tools and supplies while standing next to the truck. With multiple compartments, slide-out drawers and fold-down doors, these pickup truck toolboxes come in a variety of configurations to suit your needs.

Heavy-Duty Side-Mount Toolboxes for Trucks

Designed to persevere in the most demanding work environments, high sided toolboxes from Leonard Buildings and Truck Accessories are constructed from durable materials like corrosion-resistant all-weather aluminum and steel. Black, silver, matte and textured options help you create a professional look that matches your truck or business branding. Many come equipped with excellent features such as tamper-resistant locks and compression-latching systems to keep your tools secure, whether you're on the jobsite or on the highway.

Leonard Buildings and Truck Accessories can help you outfit your truck with the right top side toolbox at a great price, with the best selection for your Chevy, Dodge, GMC, Ford, Honda, Nissan or Toyota truck.

What Is a High Side Tool Box?

When it comes to cargo room, trucks outpace any other vehicle type on the market. However, running out of cargo space is all too easy. And with some types of trucks, installing a traditional truck bed toolbox is out of the question. But a topside tool box allows you to have convenient storage within easy reach. Leonard Accessories stocks an impressive selection of side mount and topside toolboxes from Better Built, Brute Tool Boxes, JOBOX and other trusted manufacturers. 

Benefits of Side Mount Tool Boxes

Side mount tool boxes mount on your truck's bed rails, perfect for outfitting your truck. This allows more room in the bed to haul large equipment, construction materials or anything else. Crafted from durable aluminum or sturdy steel, these heavy-duty side mount toolboxes easily withstand the rigors that come with your line of work. 

Most of our topside and side mount toolboxes come with drawers. Installing a side mount tool box with drawers provides you with ample storage space plus dependable and secure organization for all your essentials.  Other features to note include welded lids, integrated side trays and aluminum diamond tread construction. You can recognize diamond plate by its telltale raised pattern on its surface. Diamond plate is well-known for its strength and corrosion resistance. 

Best Topside Toolboxes

So, what's the difference between topside and side mount toolboxes? Essential, they're the same thing. If you have a standard truck bed, side mount toolboxes install onto the inside walls. Topside boxes install on top of the bed walls instead of on the inside. While both styles offer secure ways to keep your tools in easy reach, topsiders leave a bit more room inside the bed. 

When choosing a high side tool box, you should consider a few factors. Like side mount boxes, you should check storage capacities to ensure they're enough to meet your needs. Also, pay attention to each toolbox's shape. You may notice that some are slanted to match the angle of your cab, contributing to better aerodynamics. Shop Leonard Accessories' topsider and side mount single-, two- and four-drawer toolboxes, ready to install on your truck.


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