Jobsite Toolboxes and Jobsite Storage

Maximize your time on the job with secure storage solutions for your jobsite. Choose from high-quality, durable, expertly welded storage options for any worksite. At Leonard, we provide heavy-duty systems you can trust to have your back.

Whether your job involves manufacturing, industrial, construction, forestry, mining, energy production or another industry, you can keep your tools exactly where you need them with top names in jobsite boxes, such as Westin, Better Built and Brute Tool Boxes.

Types of Jobsite Storage

There are many types of storage for job sites. You can find jobsite toolboxes for teams and individuals, including truck toolboxes, chest toolboxes and piano boxes for storage.

Truck Toolboxes

Truck toolboxes are the ultimate storage solution for general contractors, business owners, HVAC technicians, plumbers, electricians and other workers that perform specialized tasks. In this case, you need storage that goes where you do, effortlessly moving from one job site to another.

Many truck toolboxes install on the side of the bed of your truck, making it easy to access your tools while still giving you plenty of room for construction equipment such as welders and compactors. You can decide whether a single row of storage is right or a multi-tier storage solution with more space for tools, replacement parts and on-the-job equipment.

Chest Storage for Jobsites

For long-term construction, repair or maintenance projects that involve a larger team, a chest-type jobsite storage box is ideal. You get more storage for gear and equipment. You can store protective equipment, power tools, diagnostic systems and other worksite essentials so they’re ready to go every day. That way, you find what you need without wasting time.


Heavy-duty tote toolboxes are like a traditional toolbox, but upgraded for the toughest environments. If your job involves working in wet conditions or you need extra durability and security, heavy-duty aluminum is the way to go.

Benefits of Jobsite Storage Boxes

With the right worksite storage, workers can get to work right away instead of wasting time transporting or gathering tools. High-quality, secure storage also protects your gear, preventing theft on the job site. Finally, you can store what you need exactly where you need it, boosting productivity for your team.


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