With a low-profile side-mount toolbox for your truck, you won't have to choose between secure tool storage and making use of the cargo bed. These storage boxes are streamlined versions of the high side toolbox. Both mount to the side of your truck bed, allowing you to get tools without opening the tailgate or climbing in. A low-profile side toolbox typically has a lip over the edge and does not reach the floor. This leaves nearly the entire truck bed available for lumber, equipment, bikes, luggage, and other important cargo. You'll receive all the other benefits of a truck toolbox, including:

  • Keeping your tools organized
  • Protecting them from the elements and impacts
  • Increased security against theft
  • A more stylish and professional appearance

If you own a truck, there is a good chance you use it for work and play. That often means stowing gear. To help stay more organized, a low profile side mount tool box is a well worth the investment and doesn’t require giving up space in the cargo bed.

What Are Low Side Truck Tool Boxes?

While there are many tool boxes on the market for trucks, a side mounting one is ideal for people who like to stay organized while ensuring they don’t have to move stuff around to use the truck bed. A low-profile model is a streamlined option that attaches to the side rails of the truck. It typically does not touch the floor and features a lipped edge, enabling full access to the truck bed. They are designed for easy access to stored items without having to climb into the truck. A low side tool box doesn’t deter from rear-view mirror visibility, making it an especially ideal option for trucks with a fifth-wheel hitch.

Benefits of Low Profile Truck Tool Boxes

Staying organized and having easy access are not the only benefits of this style of tool box. Regardless of what you are storing, installing one provides peace of mind that your stored equipment is safe from prying eyes. Since they can be locked, you don’t have to worry about anything being stolen or damaged. These durable toolboxes are designed to seal out the elements, further ensuring that whatever you store is safe and secure. They come in a variety of finishes and styles, which also let you give your truck extra personalization. One other added bonus is that they are versatile enough to be used with other types of tool boxes for maximum storage.

Choosing the Right Low Side Tool Box

Once you decide that low profile truck side tool boxes are the way to go, it then comes down to choosing the right fit for your needs. If you want the ultimate in opening and closing, there are options available with a push-button lock. Others have a paddle latch or handle. Another key decision is the material. Most are available in aluminum or stainless steel. Both are durable but aluminum won’t ever rust, which often means paying extra.


Get your next high-end pickup toolbox from Leonard Accessories. We carry brands, such as Brute Toolboxes, Delta Toolboxes, JOBOX, and WeatherGuard, which are known for professional-grade products.

Versatile Storage Boxes

Low sider truck toolboxes come in many sizes, patterns, and finishes. Each is made of weather-resistant aluminum or steel. The material is either polished to a shine or given a durable powder-coat finish. Smaller boxes can be used as side-by-side toolboxes or in compact trucks. Get a larger chest for an extended truck bed or full-size pickup. Both driver-side and passenger-side configurations are available. Read our guide to learn how to measure your truck bed for a low side toolbox.

If you need a reliable way to transport tools without sacrificing storage space, attach one of these low long side truck toolboxes. Most of them come with trays, dividers, latches, and other ways to secure items. Shop by size, material, color, or price to find a tool chest that suits your needs and budget. We are your accessories experts, and we have the necessary knowledge to help you take care of any truck.

Low Side Truck Toolboxes for Popular Models

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Popular Low Side Truck Toolboxes Brands

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