Transform your pickup truck into a top-tier commercial work truck quickly and professionally. Outfit your mobile office with pickup truck tool boxes, storage and accessories that adapt to your industry. Make sure you’re ready for any job and get the most out of your workday.

What Are Pickup Packs?

Pickup Packs are rugged truck bed organizers for any truck. They provide extensive storage for your truck and help you keep your tools and equipment protected and ready for worksites. With truck packs, you get the flexibility and power of a commercial service truck without the associated cost of one. Essentially, these packs turn a regular pickup truck body into a service body with minimal hassle.

Pickup packs feature heavy-duty aluminum construction that even meets military specs. Depending on the style you choose, you can get slide-out trays, rebar boxes, ladder support and other organization tools. Many options have full-length toolboxes on both sides of the truck, gullwing toolboxes and multiple storage trays.

Custom Pickup Pack Options

In addition to the incredible storage provided by standard truck bed organizers, you can also choose custom pickup packs that take things to the next level. Customizing ensures you have all the space you need with total organization options. Whether you’re hauling construction gear and tools to job sites or want your team to have replacement parts on hand for residential repairs, you decide what the finished product looks like and performs like.

Benefits of Pickup Truck Packs

Pickup Packs offer excellent security on the worksite, giving you options for keeping expensive tools in locked storage. With durable aluminum construction, your gear stays protected from harsh weather as well.

The goal of this type of pickup organization is to maximize your storage while making sure you have the right areas to protect your equipment and tools. The lower profile makes it easier to load items into your truck or use a tonneau cover.

High-Quality Pick Up Toolboxes and Storage Solutions

At Leonard, we’re experts in truck storage. We provide high-quality products that industry professionals can be proud of. We help small business owners, fleet managers and countless other entrepreneurs to succeed.


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