Our heavy-duty step tool box options have your back when you travel. Whether you’re headed to a construction worksite or making a long haul across state lines, these pro-quality parts can stand up to the toughest road conditions without problems, including road chemicals, debris and harsh weather.

What Are Side Step Tool Boxes?

A truck tool box step combines the storage space of a large tool box with the functionality of a metal step for climbing into your truck’s box or deck. These durable tool boxes are generally made of thick corrosion-resistant aluminum. They provide room to store tools, hoses, replacement parts and other gear, and they have a reinforced door with a locking latch for security. They mount onto the side of your truck where you would normally install a set of steps.

Benefits of Step Tool Boxes

A step side tool box gives truck owners more cargo space without sacrificing performance. You get an easier way to climb into your cab and room for work tools, repair and maintenance gear, and other tools you need to get the job done.

Durable side step tool boxes offer benefits for truck drivers, business owners, construction workers and other professionals who rely on their tools regularly. For example, with an accessible tool box on the side of your truck, semi-truck owner-operators know exactly where to find the gear they need to perform maintenance and pre-trip safety inspections. There’s room for wrenches, sockets, wire cutters, vice grips and other needed tools.

Besides keeping your tools exactly where you need them, side step boxes also prevent them from getting lost. Forget about socket sets disappearing at rest stops and other unexpected obstacles. Make sure you always have the tools you need close by.

Types of Side Boxes

When you’re looking to purchase side boxes for your truck, focus on quality, durability, strength and weather resistance. Ideally, you want a side box made of aluminum or another corrosion-resistant metal. That way, your tool box lasts ages. Locking T-latches are a must for security, to prevent people from taking your tools while at rest stops or when unloading. Some models also have rubber door seals for extra moisture protection during bad weather.



Side Step Tool Boxes for Popular Models

Ford F-150 Side Step Tool Boxes | Ford F-250 Side Step Tool Boxes | Toyota Tundra Side Step Tool Boxes | Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Side Step Tool Boxes | Ram 3500 Side Step Tool Boxes | GMC Sierra 2500 Side Step Tool Boxes

Popular Side Step Tool Boxes Brands

Brute Tool Boxes Side Step Tool Boxes | Buyers Products Side Step Tool Boxes | Chandler Truck Accessories Side Step Tool Boxes

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