As one of the most popular kinds of truck tool boxes, crossover tool boxes are a versatile, convenient option for personal and industrial applications. Installed behind the cab, they run the width of the bed to provide ample room and easy access from either side of your truck. With a wide variety of options, sizes and styles to suit any truck model, Leonard Accessories can help you find a crossover tool box that will feel made for your tools and cargo.

When your truck is your workhorse, you need tools and gear to be ready for anything. Instead of wasting time trying to find what you need or wasting needed truck bed space, a crossover tool box is an easy solution that also adds a stylish flair to your vehicle.

What Are Low Profile Crossover Tool Boxes?

While there are many tool boxes on the market, not all are designed the same way. For people who want to maximize space while having easy access to storage, a crossover truck tool box may be the perfect fit. This type of storage solution sits on the truck’s rails, which means not having to crawl into the truck bed to gain access. Since they are typically elevated, they give you full access to the bed. These tool boxes come in various styles and sizes, making finding the perfect fit easy.

Benefits of Single Lid Crossover Tool Boxes

A main benefit of a tool box with a single lid is that you can more easily access your tools. They are designed with either a latch, handle or push button that is reachable from either side of the truck. If you need to access it frequently during a job or project, you can leave the lid open. Another benefit of a crossover-style tool box is visibility. Since they sit on the rails, they don’t block your view from the rear-view mirror. Surprisingly, many are designed to be aerodynamic, which may mean enhanced gas mileage.

Features of Crossover Truck Tool Boxes

Each low profile truck tool box may be a little different, so it’s important to decide which features are the most important. Regardless of which, most are designed with a built-in locking system, ensuring your precious gear stays safe and secure. Although often more expensive, there are styles that have self-opening lids with gas struts. These are ideal for people who frequently access the tool box. Other features include removable trays, built-in screwdriver holders, bottle openers and bungee cord hooks. Most are made with aluminum or stainless steel, ensuring you get a durable tool box built to last.



If you prefer a sleek look without giving up storage space, select a low-profile crossover tool box from our selection. Offering better rear-view visibility, low-profile crossover tool boxes provide plenty of box space without giving up much storage space in the bed of your truck. Choose a crossover tool box with a rail if you'd like to be able to use the top of your tool box as a tie down point for tools or additional cargo. Angled options are also available for those who need a style to accommodate unique bed sizes and wheel well shapes.

Great Features to Make Any Job Easier

Great features are a given with all truck tool boxes from Leonard Accessories. Enjoy smart extras like tamper-resistant locks to prevent theft and configurations that allow you to operate and access the box from either the passenger or driver side. Easy, drill-free installation is also standard on many of these tough tool boxes. Find a single-lid crossover tool box at Leonard Accessories that suits your specific vision and needs, with options by top brands like Camlocker, UWS, WeatherGuard, JOBOX, Delta Tool Boxes and more. We offer the best truck tool boxes for all the most popular makes, including Chevy, Ford, GMC, Toyota and more.

Low Profile Truck Tool Boxes for Popular Models

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Popular Low Profile Truck Tool Boxes Brands

JOBOX Low Profile Truck Tool Boxes | Built Better Low Profile Truck Tool Boxes | Camlocker Low Profile Truck Tool Boxes | WeatherGuard Low Profile Truck Tool Boxes | Delta Tool Boxes Low Profile Truck Tool Boxes

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