The pickup truck has long been a symbol of strength, toughness, and the pioneering spirit. Blazing a trail through uncharted territory requires the right vehicle for getting the job done. When your truck is properly equipped, finishing the task ahead isn’t a matter of if or when. It comes down to excellence. Leonard is your go-to for truck accessories and parts that boost performance for a superior driving experience, whenever the journey beckons. Truck tool boxes for tonneau covers make your vehicle a true workhouse and Leonard provides you a wide selection at amazing prices.

What Is A Tonneau Cover Tool Box

A Tonneau cover offers security for your pickup truck. At Leonard, we offer various covers that allow you to secure and store items in your truck’s bed. A tool box sits in the bed of your truck, providing a way to carry tools and other essential equipment for the work ahead. A classic diamondback tool box is a durable option for securing tools, protective gear, and other objects in the bed of your truck. A Tonneau cover tool box is the best of both worlds. Whereas a standard Tonneau cover fits on the entire bed, making the use of a box difficult, a Tonneau cover tool box brings you the best of both worlds.

Benefits Of Tonneau Cover Tool Boxes

Your truck is a multifaceted workhorse, ready for anything. Tonneau cover tool boxes give you an extra level of versatility for your trips. Do you need to lock and/or hide something from view in your truck’s bed? Do you need to carry other items in your toolbox also? With the right Tonneau cover tool box, you can do both. Whether you’re running an errand for yourself, helping a friend transport equipment, or working out in the field, your equipment is locked, secured, and not exposed to the elements or sticky fingers.

Leonard is proud to bring you tool box covers and more in a shopping experience that is free of hassle and confusion. We make it easy for you to find the right gear. You can shop by vehicle make, model and year. You can even refine your search by brand, cover material or price. Shopping online gives you access to our large inventory of Tonneau cover tool boxes to find the perfect accessory for a premium truck experience.


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