The Best Equipment and Accessories For Cargo and Commercial Vans

Cargo and commercial vans are some of the most versatile vehicles on the market, primarily with storage capabilities. The vehicles offer increased headroom and large, covered beds for equipment storage and organization. Also, with the addition of a ladder rack for van, the vehicle's exterior becomes just as capable as its interior.

That said, there are many ways to organize a cargo or commercial van. The correct method depends on your specific needs.

How To Maximize Van Storage

A cargo van provides nearly limitless potential for storage configurations and workplace efficiency. For example, a company can install van roof racks on its commercial vans to ensure adequate space for ladder storage and other equipment.

Also, you can install partitions to ensure the safety of the driver and rear equipment storage. Partition and bulkhead options can allow for doors or windows; they can also be free of each.

We offer everything from partitions to shelving to drawers. Our goal is to offer all the equipment and tools necessary to make your cargo van work for you.

Top Van Accessory Brands

When you are ready to accessorize your van, there are many brands you can consider, from WeatherGuard to Vantech. Each company or brand has its specialty.

WeatherGuard makes superior partitions and bulkheads. The available models come ready for standard commercial vans and high-roof options. Popular models include those with windows and doors.

JoBox is a specialty manufacturer that supplies van boxes and drawer units. You can find options for 50-inch drawers or taller, narrower options.

Vantech offers everything from shelves for van to roof racks. The company prides itself as a commercial roof rack and cargo management specialist.

We carry other brands as well. Some notable companies include:

  • Texas Truck Racks
  • Decked
  • Brute

Here at Leonard, we make auto part selection easy. Our cargo and commercial van inventory includes prominent and trusted brands. You have access to various tools and equipment to make your vans as organized and capable as possible. Look through our catalog of available van parts and accessories to find the options that work for your fleet of vehicles.


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Popular Cargo Van Accessories Brands

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