Are you ready to make the most out of your Ford Transit cargo van? While the vehicle has plenty of interior storage space, it is not always enough. Using a Ford Transit roof rack system, you can optimize your cargo van space.

Types of Roof Racks for Ford Transit Cargo Vans

When looking for a roof rack system, you have a few options, including square, steel bars or aluminum, aerodynamic setups. Either option has its benefits for a cargo van driver.

However, if you want the best system for a Ford Transit ladder rack, you will probably favor one of our Vantech options.

Ford Transit & Roof Rack Install Tips

A roof rack for Ford Transit cargo vans has a similar installation method to roof racks for other vehicles. Still, if you want the installation to go smoothly, it is best to refer to the manufacturer's instructions. The instructions provide information on the various parts and the tools needed for installation.

Also, stay safe during the installation. Use an appropriate ladder and have a companion to hold parts and perform any team activities.

Finally, when using your roof rack, ensure you know the capabilities of your chosen rack. While most professionals use roof racks for ladders and other tool storage, recreational users may find alternate uses. The manufacturer's instructions should have information about various uses as well.

Benefits of Roof Racks for Cargo Vans

Some people do not see the value in roof racks, especially on cargo vans. It is true that cargo vans, including the Ford Transit, have a lot of room for storage and organization, but even these large, capable vehicles cannot house all your bulky equipment.

The primary function of a roof rack system is to provide alternative secure storage for bulkier items that cannot fit in the back of a cargo van. A rack and rail system permits increased storage capacity, which can reduce the number of trips a professional must take to complete a job.

As a leading truck accessory company since our inception in 1963, Leonard is here to provide for all your cargo van needs and upgrades. Our inventory includes various Vantech models that offer the opportunity to increase the use and efficiency of your Ford Transit Cargo Van, whether for professional or personal use.

You can use a roof rack system to secure ladders, camping equipment, kayaks, and other bulky items on your van. The ability to secure gear to the exterior of your van significantly improves its usefulness and ensures a more efficient use of your time.

Are you ready to get the most out of your Ford Transit cargo van? Check out our supply of ladder and roof racks compatible with your Ford Transit.

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