Enhance the functionality of your Nissan when you install a roof rack that can carry luggage, kayaks, bikes and other recreational equipment. If you use a Nissan for work, it can help you carry ladders, tools and other supplies. A Nissan NV roof rack comes in ladder rack styles to give you plenty of space and support as you travel down the road.

Picking The Right Nissan NV Roof Rack

When it comes to picking the correct roof rack for your vehicle, you need to consider a variety of options. Check the weight to ensure your vehicle can handle the load you want to put on the roof. A Nissan nv3500 roof rack needs to be sturdy and secure before you put anything on it. There are low-profile options if you want to make sure you have plenty of clearance when traveling under bridges or in parking garages. Peruse the accessory options for the rack you want to determine if you can have the functionality you require.

Types Of Roof Racks

There are roof racks available for a variety of purposes. If you love mountain biking, you need a rack that can hold bikes securely. When you prefer water sports, find a rack that can hold kayaks or paddleboards. A ladder rack style gives you multiple points to attach ratchet straps to hold your cargo in place. This can be the most customizable option because of the versatility of the flat bars.

Benefits Of Having A Roof Rack For Your Nissan NV

The best thing about having an nv3500 roof rack on your Nissan is the ability to customize with accessories. You can find ladder stops, end stops, hook and loop straps, end caps and cargo baskets. Construct the perfect rack for your needs when you attach the exact extras you need to carry your work or recreational equipment.

Racks bolt onto the existing factory mounting points, which means you don't have to do any drilling during installation. The lightweight design is made from aluminum and has reinforced cross bars to give you plenty of room to attach your straps.


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