Delta Toolbox Replacement Keys and Parts

We do not carry stock keys or parts for Delta toolboxes. If you have a key number we can order replacement keys. If replacement parts are needed please fill out the form below or contact us with the information requested on this form. In the event you need to obtain Replacement Parts, we will need the Model Number of your product.</>

Please locate the Model Number of you product and list it in the space below.

Model No. _______________________________
Date Purchased __________________________


There are hundreds of different locks and key patterns to fit the locks. The Key Code for the key to fit the lock(s) for your product is stamped on the key and on the cover of the key entry slot of the lock.

You will need this Key Code to obtain additional or replacement keys. Write the Key Code in the space below for future reference.

Key Code _______________________________

Gas Spring Lid Lifts

Many Delta products have one or two Gas Spring Lid Lifts to assist with opening and closing the lid.

To obtain a replacement Gas Spring Lid Lift(s) used on your product, we will need the Model Number that appears on a label on the barrel of the Gas Spring. Please locate the code on the Gas Spring and write it in the space below for future reference.

Gas Spring Lid Lift Model No. ________________

Shipping will be added to the price of the keys or replacement parts.

You may email this information to or contact us at 888-590-4769

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