How To Measure Your Truck Bed For A Crossover Tool Box

How To Measure A Tool Box

Using the picture of the crossover box above and the instructions below, measure your truck bed to ensure proper fit.

Step 1: Measure the outside distance between your bed rails and compare it to measurement "A" on the illustration above. If you order a crossover toolbox that measures less than your truck bed's total outside to outside measurement, it may not rest on the rails or provide too little support or 'metal' to attach the box securely. If you order a crossover box with a measurement much larger than your truck’s outside width measurement, it will overlap your truck's bed rail and mounting holes may not be in alignment with the top rails of your truck bed.

Step 2: Measure the distance between your bed rails from inside to inside of the rail. Compare that with measurement "B" on the illustration. The Single-Lid or Crossover or Gull Wing pickup box you order should have a measurement less than your truck bed's inside width measurement by an inch or two total.

Step 3: Measure the distance between the top of the truck bed and the bottom. Make sure you are measuring from the top of the bed's channels and not the lowest spot on the bed. The "D" measurement in the illustration should always be less than that of your truck bed’s height. If it is more, the toolbox will not rest on the truck bed's rails.

Step 4: Measure the distance between your truck's front bed wall top rail and the front of the truck's rear wheel well. Using a straight edge placed at the front of the wheel well resting on the bed floor mark the bed rail with tape or crayon. Then you can easily measure the distance from your mark to the inside of the bed rail at the front of the bed. Compare this with the "E" measurement in the illustration. Leave at least 2 inches so you can make any adjustments to keep the box parallel with the front rail.

Note: Consider stake pocket holes or future installations of bed rails, tonneau covers or ladder rack systems. Placement of the box may cover stake pockets or narrow choices in covers or racks. Some of our Brands make covers, racks, rails and other equipment compatible with some tool box installations.

Check out all of our available Crossover Toolboxes and please contact us if you have any questions on fitment. 889-590-4769

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