How To Measure Your Truck Bed for a Low Side Tool Box

How to measure a low side tool box

Using the picture of the low side box above and the instructions below, measure your truck bed to insure proper fit.

Step 1: Measure the INSIDE length of your bed from inside the front bulkhead rail to the inside of your tailgate. Compare that measurement with dimension “A” in the illustration. This measurement would be the MAXIMUM length of the low side box you may install.

Step 2: Measure from the highest point on the wheel well to the top face of the bed rail. Subtract dimension “C” from “B” on the illustration and compare that to your wheel well to bed rail result. A minimum of 1” clearance is required between the bottom of the box and the wheel well. An example would be a wheel well to rail face measurement of 10” would work well with a “B minus C” dimension of 9”.

Note: Consider stake pocket holes or future installations of ladder rack systems. Placement of the box may cover stake pockets or narrow choices in racks. Some of our Brands make racks, rails and other equipment compatible with some tool box installations.

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