Here at Leonard Truck Accessories it is our mission to ensure that our customers get the products they need. Check out our bed size guide below to verify your bed size. Tonneau covers, truck bed racks, side tool boxes, and other truck bed accessories can be specific to bed length.


The F150 is still the king of half ton trucks, check out our bed size guide below to ensure that you're getting the Ford F150 truck bed accessories you need, Tonneau covers, racks, toolboxes, and cargo management solutions are often bed size specific and Leonard Truck Accessories wants you to get the right stuff for your job or lifestyle.

Ford F150 5.5ft Bed


Ford F150 6.5ft Bed


Ford F150 8ft Bed



Checkout our visual bed size guide below for SuperDuty trucks. Toolboxes, transfer tanks, racks, and other Ford SuperDuty truck bed accessories are built to fit in most applications. Make sure you have the right bed size below.

Ford SuperDuty 6.75ft Bed


Ford SuperDuty 8ft Bed


Silverado / Sierra

The GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado share bed sizes and are some of the most modified trucks for lifestyle and work. You can view your bed size below to help you choose the right truck bed cover, rack, or cargo management product to fit your needs.

Silverado/Sierra 5ft 8in Bed


Silverado/Sierra 6ft 5in Bed


Silverado/Sierra 8ft Bed


Colorado / Canyon

Colorado and canyon truck bed accessories will make your truck more capable. Whether you're offroading, working, or need more functionality knowing your bed size is important. Check them out below.

Colorado/Canyon 5ft Bed

5ft Short Bed

Colorado/Canyon 6ft Bed

6ft Long Bed


Nissan Titan Trucks have mutliple bed sizes that allow you to carry cargo, attach a truck bed rack, use a tonneu cover, or even use a truck cap. Each of these are great options that will make your truck bed more suited for specific tasks. Some benifits can be more tie downs, water resistance, and additional cargo space.

Nissan Titan 5ft 7in Bed


Nissan Titan 6ft 7in Bed 


Nissan Titan 8ft Bed



Nissan Frontier 4ft 10in Bed

5ft Short Bed

Nissan Frontier 6ft 2in Bed

6ft Long Bed

Ram 1500

The Ram 1500 is forcing itself to the top of the half ton segment with advanced tecnology and performance. Check out the Leonard bed size guide below to make sure you're choosing the right Ram 1500 truck bed accessories for your truck.

Ram 1500 5ft 7in Bed

5.7ft Bed

Ram 1500 6ft 4in Bed

6.5ft Standard Bed

Ram 1500 8ft Bed

8ft Long Bed

Ram 2500 / 3500

The Ram 2500 and 3500 trucks have been an icon in the industry for a long time. With the iconic engine lineup and high towing capacities it's the perfect truck to get the job done. Below is a visual truck bed size guide to help you get the best truck bed accessories for your Ram Truck.

Ram 2500/3500 6ft 4in Bed

6.8ft Short Bed

Ram 2500/3500 8ft Bed

8ft Long Bed


Toyota is well known for reliability and sturdy construction. Make the most of your Toyota Tundra with toolboxes, tonneau covers, racks, and other bed accessories by checking out the Tundra truck bed sizes below.

Toyota Tundra 5ft 7in Bed

5.4ft Short Bed

Toyota Tundra 6ft 7in Bed

6.8ft Short Bed

Toyota Tundra 8ft Bed



Toyota Tacoma trucks are at the forefront of the offroad lifestyle. With overlanding and offroading at an all time high we know that there's a product for you. Checkout our Tacoma bed size guide below to make sure that you're getting the products you need. A truck rack, toolbox, truck bed cover, or cargo management solution fits the bed size you have.

Toyota Tacoma 5ft 2in Bed


Toyota Tacoma 6ft 2in Bed

6ft Long Bed

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