Truck Cab Size Guide

Need help figuring out which cab configuration your truck has?

When purchasing products like sidesteps, nerf bars, running boards, window vent visors, and floor mats for your truck, it is important to know what cab size your truck has to get that perfect fit you are looking for. There are three general cab sizes but it varies on your specific make, model, and the year or generation of that model.

Regular/Single Cabs or "Standard Cabs"

Regular or Single Cabs have two doors and no back seat for passengers. These are the smallest of all of the cab sizes. Our sidesteps for these cabs have one step pad per side and are 52" long.

Extended Cabs

Extended Cabs have a back seat and extra rear doors that usually open in the opposite direction (also known as "suicide" style). However, many truck manufacturers are making these rear doors open like the front doors and are adding door handles to the rear doors as well. For cabs of this type, the rear doors are not as big as the front doors.

Crew Cabs

Crew Cabs also have rear doors and a larger back seat than Extended Cabs. The rear doors open in the same direction as the front doors, but the rear doors are still usually smaller than the front doors, but noticeably larger than Extended Cab rear doors.

Extended Crew Cabs

Only a few manufacturers have versions of their trucks that are slightly larger than the traditional Crew Cabs and these are considered Extended Crew Cabs.

Let's take a look at the different cab configurations and names for the different brands:

  1. Chevy/GMC:

    New to 2014- Chevy & GMC have changed the name of the Extended Cab to Double Cab. They added door handles to the rear doors and changed them to traditional forward-opening doors.

  2. Dodge/Ram:

    The 3rd generation of the Ram trucks introduced in 2002 saw the elimination of the Club Cab (Extended Cab) and the addition of the Quad Cab. The Quad Cab has a rear door handle while the Club Cab does not. The Mega Cab was introduced in 2006 and offers almost 2 feet of extra cab space.


  3. Ford:

    Some Regular Cabs may have an extra window panel & storage space behind the first row that makes it look like a SuperCab (Extended Cab). However, it is only a SuperCab if there is room for passengers in the back.


  4. Toyota:

    In the 2nd generation of the Tundra (2007+), the former Access Cab (Extended Cab) was replaced by the Double Cab and the former Double Cab (Crew Cab) was replaced by the CrewMax Cab, which is slightly larger than a traditional Crew Cab. Its rear doors are the same size as the front doors.


  5. Nissan:

    Nissan does not offer a Regular Cab for the Titan. They also discontinued the Single Cab for the Frontier beginning with the 2001 model year.


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