How to Find the Paint Code for your Vehicle

In order to have a perfect matched color to your vehicle, a color code must be provided.

All vehicles carry a color identification plate that is located in various places on the vehicle depending on the model. Please see below for the various models and where to find the Identification plate.


Ford makes it fairly easy to find the color code. It is always on the driver’s door jamb.

Chevy, GMC:*

Usually when having trouble finding a Chevrolet paint code, look in the glove box or the spare tire well. If this doesn't work, then you start looking everywhere for it. Also, there are really two codes in each color code to make it even more confusing. There can be eighteen different code 51's so then you have to use the 316N to identify the color. Also, these codes can be preceded by a U or L which correspond to Upper and Lower color. See below under two tone for more information.

*2018 and up GM products have the vehicle option and paint codes in the door jam on the driver's side. The codes are in a QR Code format and require a handheld device with a QR-Code scanner. These apps are frequently included with newer cellphones and can also be downloaded for free.

Two Tone Combination Chevrolet has many two tone combinations for some cars. Two tones are two different colors on your car. If your car has two colors, you will see the two tone color code. Using the above example, the code could be listed as:

BC/CC U316N or BC/CC L316N The U stands for Upper Color and the L stands for the Lower Color. Again, just a confusing way to present color information.

Same Color Code, Different Name Chevrolet, like all manufacturers, uses the exact same color across many models and then will have a different color name for each model. It's the same paint! This is why the color code is so important to order the correct paint.

Dodge, RAM:

Later model Dodge puts the color code on the driver’s door jamb. The typical color code format is: BS/GBS

However, only the BS is the color code. This can also be shown as QBS, PBS, TBS, etc. just to drive everyone crazy. The first letter is the mysterious "Year Code" which regardless of what the intent was, it just makes for confusing color codes.


Toyota made is pretty easy to find the color code. On all models, there is an color ID plate on the drivers door jamb. When you locate it, it will have the letters C/TR and then the paint code follows. So the color code is 3P1 and the FA09 has nothing to do with the color code. These additional codes can cause confusion but they are really just interior option codes.


Nissan codes are easy to find as they are always on the drivers door jamb. Some require getting pretty low on the drivers door jamb so you can read them, but the code is easy to read and understand.

The typical color code format is: AX6


Honda codes are easy to find as they are always on the drivers door jamb. Many Hondas and Hondas have a factory code which makes a difference in the color.

The typical color code format is: NH-583M

For some parts, we ask for the VIN to help us match your paint. However, the VIN does not give us your color code. It only gives us any paint formula variance in an existing color code. Make sure you have found the color code on your vehicle for a perfect match.

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