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DiamondBack SE Series Aluminum Hard Bed Cover

The New Standard in Hard Truck Bed Covers

Shown With Optional Textured Black Coating
$1,329.00 - $1,749.00

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  • Haul up to 400 lbs. on top
  • 4 tie-down cleats pre-installed
  • Heavy duty diamond plate aluminum
  • Structural support members

Whether you need to protect your cargo or haul unexpected loads, this DiamondBack SE truck bed cover enhances versatility. Allowing you to haul up to 400 pounds on top of the cover, it lets you store your everyday items - golf clubs, tools, etc. - inside the truck bed without limiting your ability to move unexpected large objects, such as furniture or appliances. It's extra convenient because it features an easy-access design with front and rear bed access. If you need to get to the front of your truck bed, simply open the front access panel by the cab.

The DiamondBack SE tonneau cover is designed for durability, performance and convenience. It's made of rugged alloy aluminum diamond plate, which means it can easily withstand the elements and impacts better than lesser materials like fiberglass and vinyl. It also features die-cast zinc lock handles and a deadbolt-style lock system to deter tampering. Leonard

Haul more. Do More.

You always have things in your bed like golf clubs, tools, and other items. The DiamondBack SE truck bed cover is designed for people who want to keep their options open. Now you can haul the unexpected like furniture or supplies for the weekend project but still keep those everyday items in your bed.

Durable Diamond Plate
Made of .080" 3003 alloy aluminum diamond plate, the DiamondBack SE truck bed cover won't crack like fiberglass or tear like vinyl. It'll hold up to sleet, snow, freezing rain, ice, hail, and whatever else you or Mother Nature wants to throw at it.

Easy Access
Front and rear bed access mean no more crawling in and out of the truck bed. Need to get to the front of your bed? It's simple: Just open the front access panel up by the cab. It's access that's quick and easy. No need to roll or fold back panels or reach into hard-to-get areas created by single panel tonneau covers.

Haul On Top
The DiamondBack SE truck bed cover can transport up to 400 lbs. on top. Use it to carry extra gear, to have a better view at the races, or simply to stand on so you can clean the top of your truck cab. You can also bolt-mount accessories, like lights or bike racks, directly to the truck bed cover so you can haul more and do more.

Removable Panels
Ever try to take a heavy fiberglass tonneau cover off by yourself? Even if you can lift it, it's too big to handle alone. The DiamondBack LT tonneau cover has two detachable access panels, weighing only up to 30 lbs. each, that is easy for one person to remove and store. The panels connect with stainless steel locking hinges that prevent detachment until the panels are tilted past 90 degrees.


Superior Style

A load-bearing, aluminum diamond plate truck cover looks tough and stylish.

Hauling Capacity

The NEW DiamondBack SE is not just about looks the cover can also support up to 400 lbs. on top!
Fold back panels to open up truck bed space. Four DiamondBack Cargo Cleats accommodates securing loads ON TOP of your cover.

Winged panels give access to the front and rear of the truck bed.
No more crawling into the bed to retrieve cargo

2 keyed self-closing T Locks ensure your cargo stays safe. A flip-top cover keeps water and dust out of your lock. (After-market tailgate locks also available.)
Steel rods lock into the side rails - no drilling required.
Weather Resistance

A full compression seal keeps your bed and your cargo dry.
Center panel gutters channel water run-off when the large panels open.
Easy Installation

Easy self-installation clamps secure the center panel to the bed rails.
Two large panels hinge on to the center panel.
Quick-release gas springs can be detached easily. Individual panels can be detached for quick, easy installation or removal of the cover. Removing the cover takes 10 minutes and can be done by one person.
A durable, versatile, locking truck bed cover that's perfect for the truck owner that likes to use their truck as a truck. DiamondBack SE is designed for people who want convenience. Now you can haul the unexpected while keeping those everyday items in your bed.
Ford, Chevy, GMC, Dodge, Ram, Nissan, Honda, and Toyota Truck owners may disagree on which brand truck is better but they all agree that Leonard Truck Accessories is the perfect place to buy your DiamondBack SE Bed Cover. At Leonard's we strive to provide quality truck accessories at the lowest price. Don't just buy cheap aftermarket tonnos and parts. Get top quality, value-priced Tonneau Covers through Leonard Truck Accessories.
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Diamond Tread
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Clamp On
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3 Year - Excluding Abrasion
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