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Voice Warning System
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Back-Up Pal Vehicle Reversing Aids w/Voice Warning

We're Sorry The Manufacturer Has Discontinued This Item

Voice Warning System
0.00 LBS
  • Uses Echolocation Detection (Similar as the Military Sonar Systems)
  • Detects both stationary and moving objects
  • 8 bit Micro Processor with Patented Intelligent Control Software.
  • Clear VOICE Identification of Objects made directly to driver automatically.

The best vehicle reversing detection products at an affordable price.    
Back Up Pal Inc. distributes the worlds only "talking" after market vehicle forward or reverse detection device which can be placed on the rear, front, top, or underneath a vehicle or trailer to detect 3 dimensional (stationary or moving) objects within the path of the vehicle and give timely accurate information for the driver, in a voice that he or she can "understand".
The Back-Up Pal micro series Vehicle Reversing Aids with VDI are discriminating, collision warning / obstacle detection systems capable of warning a driver if there are obstacles or pedestrians in a defined area behind a rearward moving vehicle. The system uses patented ultrasonic echolocation technology with Intelligent software to alert the driver of impending collisions when a vehicle is engaged in reverse.

The System is comprised of (2), (3) or (4) miniature acoustic transmit/receive detectors, a speaker, and a main unit housing an 8-bit microprocessor together with our VDI (voice distance indicator) module. Our detectors are sealed within a specialized rubber compound capable of protecting the detector from the elements and temperature extremes. The detectors are adapted for mounting on the rear bumper or underneath the bumper of most types of vehicles. The voice alarm speaker easily mounts in any location in the driver's compartment.

The power source of the device is the backup light electrical circuit of the vehicle. The detectors transmit a 33.5 kHz motion sensing frequency within a defined field behind the vehicle with range setting accuracy of +/- 2 inches.  Six audio and voice definitions are preset at the time of manufacture.

As the operator places the vehicle in reverse, a short beep indicating that the unit is in working order. Distinct audio and voice alarm triggers when either the vehicle or obstacle enters into the detection zones. Unlike other obstacle detection systems, the Back-Up Pal Vehicle Reversing Aid performs in all weather and light conditions, eliminates visual distraction and driver complacency, is maintenance free, costs less than an average insurance deductible and installs in less than 30 minutes.
The system was designed as a driver aid to help compensate for driver error and is not intended to replace established safety procedures used when a vehicle is in reverse but it does give drivers the ability to detect obstacles that might otherwise go unseen and the opportunity to stop the vehicle before running into a person or object.

Micro6 Vehicle Reversing Aid - This system includes (4) of our brand new miniaturized, all weather acoustic flush mounted detectors, Speaker Unit with our VDI (voice distance indicator) module, Power Unit, all installation accessories and detailed installation manual. This system is designed with ease of installation in mind. This system is designed for high end vehicles with plastic bumpers only.

The MAX1 is a heavy duty wireless vehicle reversing system specifically designed for commercial vehicles. It is equipped with stainless steel sensors and a heavy duty weatherproof control box which can withstand harsh weather conditions without any problems.  Extra large speaker to with volume control to overcome noise associated with large commercial vehicles.

One Year Limited Warranty.
Back Up Alert Devices are not intended to replace good driver habits and should be used only as a tool to aid the person backing up. The Manufacturer and their distributors accept no responsibility for damages that may be incurred while backing up.

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Back-Up Pal
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