180 Series Snow Plow Package - Includes Plow and Plow Frame

Rear Mount With Your 2" Hitch Receiver

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  • 82" Long x 14.5" High Snow Plow
  • Designed To Mount Your Existing 2" Rear Hitch Receiver
  • Can Be Front Mounted With A Vehicle Specific Front Receiver
  • Automatic Height Adjusting Push Frame

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SnowSport 180 Series Snow Plow Package Ships Free To You With These Features:

  • 82" Long  x 14.5" High Snow Plow
  • Designed To Mount Your Existing 2" Rear Hitch Receiver
  • Can Be Front Mounted With A Vehicle Specific Front Receiver (sold separately here)
  • Automatic Height Adjusting Push Frame
  • Plow Is Fixed - Cannot Be Angled Right or Left 
  • Anodized Aluminum Construction Resists Corrosion
  • Thick Rubber Cutting Edge Protects Surface
  • Plow Over Gravel and Grass

The SnowSport 180 Series Plow Package is designed to work with your truck or SUV's 2" rear hitch receiver.   If you have an aftermarket or factory installed Class III 2" hitch already, then nothing needs to added to your existing vehicle.  You're ready to push snow with your 180 Snowsport plow package.  The 180 Snowplow Package can also be mounted at the front of the vehicle. Front mounting would require a vehicle-specific front hitch receiver (sold separately here).

For about the cost of a quality snow blower, you can clear driveways, parking areas, and even grass-covered areas while sitting comfortably in your truck or SUV.  With the 180 Snowsport installed plowing snow couldn't be simpler.  Once attached to your receiver, the automatic adjusting push-frame allows the plow to follow the contours of the surface while moving independently from your truck.  The lightweight design, rubber cutting edge, and unique action of the push-frame allow plowing on most any surface.  You can go right from your paved driveway to your gravel parking area without stopping.

No in-cab wiring or extra lighting is required, and the lightweight construction makes snowplow installation and removal a one-person job.  The compact and lightweight 180 Snowplow package can easily store in your home's garage or storage building.

What You Should Know:

Most personnally owned trucks and SUV's are not equipped to handle the weight of conventional snow plow equipment.  There are units designated "personal" but in most cases they are much heavier than the aluminum Snowsport Plows.  While the heaviest Snowsport may weigh in at a little over 100 lbs installed, personal plows with electric lifts, steel blades, self contained lighting, and hydraulic tilting mechanisms can add up to 400 lbs to the front of your vehicle.  Most truck manufacturers have optional "snow plow packages" to upgrade their truck's suspensions and cooling systems in anticipation of plow installation.  While some convenience may be gained with the heavier fully automated plows you must consider the strain put on your truck's suspension and transmission.  The lightweight but efficient Snowsport plows will get the job done without over-taxing your SUV or Truck's suspension.

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