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Ford Truck F-Series Replacement Fuel Tanks - Gas - Diesel
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Transfer Flow Ford Truck F-Series Replacement Fuel Tanks - Gas - Diesel

Aluminized Steel - Bolt-in Replacement Midship Tanks

Ford Truck F-Series Replacement Fuel Tanks - Gas - Diesel
$1,441.99 - $2,492.99

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  • Maximize Your Fuel Capacity And Driving Range Without Sacrificing Truck Bed Space
  • Tank Sits Above The Differential, No Skid Plate Needed
  • Fits In The Same Space As Stock Fuel Tank
  • Fuel Tank Mounts Inside The Frame Rail
  • Built From 12-Gauge Reliasteel, High-Yield U.S. Aluminized Steel For Durability And Strength
  • Comes With Required Straps And Mounting Hardware
  • Powder Coated For A Durable Satin Black Finish
  • Baffled To Prevent Fuel Sloshing
  • 6-Year, Unlimited Mile Warranty

Need extended range?  A replacement tank is the easiest and most efficient way to extend your travel time and distance.  No need to drill into your truck bed, cut into your existing fuel lines, lose bed space thereby limiting the usefulness of your truck.  Transfer Flow replacement tanks fit into the same spot your OEM tank was installed.  It replaces that plastic, non-repairable, tank with a fully welded, 12 gauge, ReliaSteel* aluminized steel, extra capacity, vault of a fuel tank.  In fact, your Transfer Flow tank has a longer warranty, 6 years, than your original tank had when it was new!

Fully baffled to prevent sloshing and it works with your fuel gauge just like the original did (miles left to travel will no longer read accurately on a trip computer if equipped).  All installation hardware, brackets, and clamps are included.  Install, fill-up and go - nothing sticking out from the top of your bed or taking up valuable cargo space.

There are some specifics to be aware of so please read any fitment notes before ordering.  Of course, you may contact us with any questions.

What You Need To Know:

  • California residents, we're sorry, but we cannot deliver a tank in the state of California.  If your order should go through on-line, it will be canceled and refunded.
  • 2017 - 2019 F150 - gasoline tank will only replace an oem 36 gallon tank
  • Only satin finish tanks are pictured but textured is available
  • The tanks listed here are midship mounted replacements for the main tank

*ReliaSteel is TransferFlow's Trademark name for their aluminized steel.

Wikipedia describes the advantages of aluminized steel "The basic structure of aluminized steel is a thin aluminum oxide layer outside, then an intermetallic layer that is a mix of aluminum, silicon, and steel, and finally a steel core. Both Type 1 and Type 2 show excellent high reflectivity characteristics. At temperatures up to 842 degrees C (1,548 degrees F), aluminized steel reflects up to 80% of heat projected onto it.[3] Aluminized steel has the ability to maintain its strength at temperatures up to 677 degrees C (1,251 degrees F). Although stainless steel is the stronger of the two, aluminized steel has a greater electrostatic surface, and can, therefore, reflect heat better. Aluminized steel is highly resistant to corrosion because of the thin layers of aluminum and silicon, which keep the underlying steel from oxidizing. These thin layers also keep pit corrosion from occurring, especially during exposure to salts that affect most other metals. However, despite the good corrosion resistance of aluminized steel, if the aluminum layer is disrupted and the steel is exposed, then the steel may oxidize and corrosion may occur".

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