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GroundsKeeper Walk Behind Spreader
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Buyers GroundsKeeper 22.5 in. 100 lbs. Walk Behind Spreader

GroundsKeeper Walk Behind Spreader

GroundsKeeper Walk Behind Spreader
0.00 LBS
  • Large 13 in. pneumatic tires provide stability over uneven terrain
  • Removable hopper screen to keep material flowing smoothly and minimize clogging
  • Out of the box & ready to spread in minutes

Buyers Products Grounds Keeper Walk Behind Salt Spreader Features:

  • 100-pound capacity poly hopper that won't rust
  • Fully welded powder-coated carbon steel frame
  • Enclosed gear box shields commercial grade
    alloy gears from weather, rust, and cold
  • Spreads up to 24 ft with three adjustable poly
  • Material flow is regulated by a simple lever
  • Large 13 in. pneumatic tires provide stability over
    uneven terrain

Recycle Your Empty Plastic Container - Stop trying to efficiently spread your de-icing material with an empty yogurt container.  You know you've done it - carrying the bag of salt on your slippery sidewalk and digging into hardened rock salt while trying not to lose your balance. dangerous and futile as even the biggest hand-held container is only going to get you only a few feet of coverage.  However, your  Buyers Groundskeeper walk-behind spreader can give you a material broadcast up to 24' and something to hold on to while you're navigating the icy walkway.

Once Is Not Enough - Most times you need to spread de-icer or rock salt more than once during each storm.  With the Buyers Groundskeeper walk behind spreader you can quickly and easily spread the additional layers of de-icing material you will need to keep your walkway safe.  No procrastination necessary - just keep your Buyers walk behind spreader loaded and ready to go.

You're In Control - Three, easily adjustable flaps on the front and sides control where the material is spread.  Open all three for a wide driveway, Open the front all the way and the sides far enough to cover the walkway.  The hand control on the push-bars determines the amount of material to spread. A test spread will help you determine the adjustments you need to make in direction and quantity of material you need to get the job done.  Go from walkway to driveway in seconds.

What You Need To Know - The Buyers Groundskeeper Walk-Behind Broadcast Spreader can do its job well over and over again but it needs your help. 

  • Moisture in the air will cause some de-icing material to clump.  Mixing things up a bit with something to break-up and stir the material will keep it flowing.  If you use a screwdriver or sharp piece of anything be careful not to damage the hopper or its screen. 
  • Check the air in the tires, a low tire will make the spreader much more difficult to push.
  • The enclosed gear mechanism should be greased.  There is a standard automotive fitting on the gear housing.
  • Salt is corrosive and should be cleaned from metal parts after use and especially for off-season storage.
  • Material should not be left in the hopper for long term storage.
  • Before each use check for loose bolts and screws escpecially on the wheels and axles.
  • Always check the set screw that attaches the hopper to the spinner is tightly secured for optimal material control.

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0.00 LBS
Buyers Products
1.5 cu. ft.
Country of Origin:
Feed Mechanism:
Manual Gate Gravity
Hopper Material:
9 In. Poly
Spread Range:
3 to 24
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