Console Vault Truck and SUV Floor Console Safe

Insert Only - Fits In Your Existing Console

$327.95 - $358.95 (Inc. Tax)
$327.95 - $358.95 (Ex. Tax)

  • Massive 12-Gauge cold rolled plate steel with welded tabs and notch seams
  • Drill-resistant locks
  • Superior 3-point locking system resists prying
  • Bank Vault-style hinge latch pins

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Fits In The Console Of Your Vehicle Concealed From View

They may break into your pickup truck but they probably won't manage to break into your Console Vault.

  • No modifications to your vehicle's console is needed
  • 12 gauge steel construction
  • Meets Automotive stringent quality standards
  • Easy do-it-yourself installation
  • Triple Guard locking system to deter entry
  • Key, three digit or four digit locks available
  • Vault designs for many of today s make and model of vehicles
  • Our Universal floor vault is the perfect solutions for older model

Please note that photos displayed are representative only, and may not exactly match the actual part designed for your vehicle. Many of our items are make, model and year specific, so please be sure to select your exact make, model and year when choosing your parts and seating style. 

Note: Please carefully check availability when ordering as all seat combinations may not be available for your vehicle type due to limited production.

Vault Types

Full Floor Console: Under Seat Console: Fold Down Armrest:
Barrel Key Lock Keyless 3 Combo Keyless 4-Digit Lock

Lock Types

Barrel Key Lock Keyless 3 Combo Keyless 4-Digit Lock
Barrel Key Lock Keyless 3 Combo Keyless 4-Digit Lock
The Barrel Key Lock features a highly secure lock that opens using a rugged barrel-style key. It simple design provides quick and easy access to the contents of your vault. Buyers selecting the Barrel Key Lock are provided with two sets of keys with their purchase. The Keyless 3 Combo Lock is the most popular option among our customers. Featuring a keyless option that avoids the possibility of losing one's key, the Keyless 3 Combo Lock device uses a manual three-digit combination for its locking mechanism. The new 4-Digit Mechanical Lock is for those requiring the ultimate in security. Featuring all metal components and easy-to-read numbers, the new 4-Digit Mechanical Lock provides you with 10,000 possible combinations. Note: $35/additional fee

Ultimate High Security Console Safe System Car Safe for Gun or Valuables

Console Vault car safes are designed with features found in a bank vault. The console vault provides high security with bank vault designs and is engineered to fit specific vehicles that require bank vault security.

These Console Safes are made of massive 12 gauge cold rolled plate steel and engineered like nothing else in the industry, console vault has designed feature that includes rear locking pins just like the ones used on the bank vault doors. Their own exclusive three point lock system that cannot be defeated even if the lock is drilled. Installation is fast and easy, bolts into your existing console with factory bolts. Additional features include a perfectly balanced spring assisted lid, high security cylinder lock with two keys, and industrial grade powder coat finish. The interior provides a large area and storage shelf for smaller items and fabric-foam based liners. The quality of Console Vault is unsurpassed in the Car Safe industry and comes with a limited life time warranty.

Console Vault's Console Safe is designed to fit most trucks and SUV's, the auto vault is designed to fit in your center console and uses the existing factory bolts for installation. The auto vault installs in minutes and provides maximum security for valuables, an auto vault can provide secure storage space for your valuables. Console Vault is designed with features found in a bank vault, the console vault provides high security with bank vault designs and is engineered to fit specific vehicles that require bank vault security.

The Console Vault truck vault provides high security storage of your valuables out of sight yet easy to access. The truck vault is available is several designs for the most popular trucks and SUV's, contact Console Vault for a listing of the truck vault applications. Console Vault provides various models of a car gun safe for high security storage, the car gun safe is easily mounted in the center console or optional models for computers and mobile storage. The car gun safe is made of 12 gauge plate steel and designed for high security, most models of the car gun safe will fit trucks and SUV's. Console Vault vehicle gun safe provides high security storage in your truck and SUV. The vehicle gun safe is made of 12 gage plate steel and installs in minutes. A vehicle gun safe is perfect for other valuables and is easy to access. The Console Vault vehicle gun safe in the finest in the industry and features easy install and high security.

As with all Console Vault products, installation is incredibly simple and installation time requires only about 5 - 10 minutes.

Ford, Chevy, GMC, Dodge, Ram, Nissan, Honda and Toyota Truck owners may disagree on which truck brand is better but they all agree that Leonard Truck Accessories is the best place to buy your Console Vault Vehicle Safes.  At Leonard's we strive to provide quality truck accessories available in every category at the very best prices.  The Console Vault has proven itself for years to be the best choice in storing valuables, tools, firearms and personal items. 

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