White Night Hitch Mounted Reverse Lights and Spare Parts

Fixed Mount To Hitch Allows Trailer Hook Up Without Removing Unit

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MSRP: $139.90
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Back Up Lights Fixed Hitch Mount With A Spare Bulb, 7 Pin Trailer Adapter, Extra Internal Wiring Harness, Relay and Switch.

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Our customers love their White Night back-up lights so much that they frequently buy extra parts to keep them in use. The White Night system is often used during snow removal and is subjected to salt and snow which can corrode wires and shorten bulb life. For those of you that would like to keep your New White Night Reverse Light System for may years to come we are offering this all inclusive reverse light and spare parts package at a bargain price.

You get the White Night 4199 Receiver Mounted Reverse Light System ($69.95 value), a pair of special, White Night only, 55W bulbs ($50.00 value), and a complete replacement internal wiring harness with relay and 3 way toggle switch ($19.95 value) for $109.90 shipped to your door. A savings of $30.00

  • 4199 Hitch Mounted reverse light system
  • Two installed, and two extra 55 watt high output halogen lamps
  • Full Internal Wiring With Switch and Relay
  • Activates automatically when vehicle is in reverse
  • Produces 130,000 candlepower of light
  • Toggle switch on unit allows manual operation
  • Mounts on receiver of most class 2 thru 4 trailer hitches
  • Allows the use trailer ball mount 
  • Sturdy high impact case
  • Easy to install and compact in size
  • Product is 15.5" across - 4.5" High - 4" at Widest Point
  • No drilling required

Reverse Lighting receiver mount by White Night. This unit is designed as a fixed attachment to your 2" receiver.  It allows you to hook up your trailer without removing your White Night. There is a wiring quick disconnect for easy removal of the light if you choose.

The White Night Rear Light System Difference.
The White Night mounts to your truck's receiver hitch and features two 55 watt high-output halogen lamps (130,000 candle power of light) in a high impact black plastic case. The lamps are angled to throw an 80-foot spread of white light whenever the vehicle is in reverse. So whether your camping and in need of a quick light source, or just trying not to back into your neighbor's picket fence, the White Night Light System will be an asset to you and your truck.

  • Product is 15.5" across - 4.5" High - 4" at Widest Point
  • Installation Tips:

    • There is a 3 position switch at the back of the White Night Assembly.  If your White Night does not light but it's installed correctly check the switch positions.  Centered is off, call it position 2.  The other two positions are, lights on when in reverse key on, call it position 1, and lights on when not in reverse, call it position 3.  On a hard wire installation the lights will be activated if the vehicle is off in position 3. NOTE: some factory 7 pin installations may require the key to be turned to the ON position or in ACCESSORY mode in order to activate the lights when not in reverse.
    • On factory installed trailer wiring check to make sure your fuse is installed.
    • For hard-wire installations the White Night will not work unless the red wire is connected to a 12V source.  Direct battery connection if you want to be able to operate your White Night without the ignition being turned on.  Wiring to a constant 12V source will allow you to turn the White Night System on at any time without the vehicle key or ignition being on.
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