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Gentex Universal Auto Dim Rear Camera Display Rear
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MITO Gentex Universal Auto Dim Rear Camera Display Rearview Mirror w/Homelink

Activate garage doors, gates, home lighting and more with the press of a HomeLink® button

Gentex Universal Auto Dim Rear Camera Display Rear
0.00 LBS
  • 3.3" RCD
  • w/Compass
  • Homelink Remote control system

Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirrors with HomeLink
HomeLink , the Wireless Control System that learns the codes for up to three remote control devices, is now available in an auto-dimming rearview mirror through MITO Corp. No more fumbling to find the remote control. No more crowded visors with multiple remotes for garage door openers, security lights and entry gates. Now all these devices can be operated with dedicated buttons integrated into a auto-dimming rearview mirror equipped with HomeLink .

HomeLink , developed by Johnson Controls, Inc., the world s leading supplier of automotive seating and interior systems, has grown to become one of the auto industry s most recognizable brands. It is currently available as a factory-installed or optional feature on over 140 different vehicles.

Gentex Corporation is the leading manufacturer of auto-dimming rearview mirrors. The company s mirrors use a combination of sophisticated sensors and electronic circuitry to detect and eliminate the headlight glare from rearward-approaching vehicles. Gentex mirrors are factory installed on millions of new vehicles each year.

You can now enjoy the safety of an auto-dimming mirror and the added convenience of reduced visor clutter, all in one product.

Eliminate dangerous glare from rear-approaching headlights with this sophisticated night driving safety accessory from Gentex Corporation. Special sensors and electronic circuitry detect glare and automatically dim the mirror accordingly. An accurate self-calibrating compass keeps you on track; exterior temperature display warns you with an ICE indicator when outside temperature is at or below 37 degrees.

  • Fully Automatic electrochromic automatic dimming mirror
  • Full Range Dimming - 75% - 6%
  • Automatically disables dimming during daytime
  • Digital compass with PathPoint continuous calibration software
  • Outside temperature display
  • Ice alert warning below 38 Fahrenheit
  • Vacuum fluorescent display brightens and dims automatically

Automatic Dimming Switch Function

  • Hold Temp switch for 15 seconds to disable Auto Dimming and Auto LED will go off. Repeat step to enable Auto Dimming and the Auto LED will come on.

Compass Switch Functions

  • Push in Comp switch to turn Compass on/off.

Zone Variation

This compass must be set to compensate for the variation between true north and magnetic north. To set variation:

  • Turn ignition on.
  • Using the map below to find your geographic location, note the zone that you are in.
  • To select Zone, push in the Comp switch for 3 seconds until the Zone selection comes up. Release, then toggle until correct zone is found and release switch. After 5 seconds of no switch activity, display will return to normal temperature reading.

Compass Calibration

This compass automatically calibrates itself while the vehicle is driven as your route takes you in complete circles. Therefore no calibration should be required, though it may take up to an hour. A quicker method is listed below. If the vehicle's compass headings become inaccurate, the compass can be manually calibrated by:

  • Turn ignition on.
  • Zone variation needs to be changed to use in different areas of the country.
  • For a different Zone selection, push in the Comp switch for 3 seconds until the Zone selection comes up. Release, then toggle until correct zone is found and release switch.
  • To re-calibrate, hold the Comp switch for 6 seconds until a "C" is displayed. Drive your vehicle in at least 3 circles, allowing 45 seconds to complete one circle.

Temperature Function

  • Push in Temp switch to display outside temperature, and to toggle Temp on/off.
  • Push Temp switch for 3 seconds until display blinks F or C . Release, then toggle Temp switch to select F and C .
  • After 5 seconds of no switch activity, display will return to normal temperature reading.

Ice Feature

  • Display will indicate "ICE" to alert driver to potential driving hazard when temperatures are below 38 F.

Our Gentex mirrors are made to fit what is often referred to in the automotive industry as a domestic wedge mount. Below are pictures to scale of this button. If your vehicle has a mirror that mounts from the headliner (it's not on the windshield) you will need to place a button kit on your vehicle's windshield. We will gladly include this part with the purchase of any Gentex mirror.

If your vehicle has a windshield mount that looks different than this you will have to either place a wedge mount on your windshield in a different location, or we may have a specific adaptor that will allow our mirror to fit over your existing mount - see below.

For help with programming the Homelink system, please visit the Homelink programming guide website.


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