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Standard Brite Tread Plate Finish
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RDS Rectangular Aluminum Fuel Transfer Tank And Toolbox Combos

DOT Approved - 50, 51, 60, and 90 Gallon Choices

Standard Brite Tread Plate Finish
$1,163.95 - $1,562.95
0.00 LBS
  • A DOT-approved tank can be used to transport diesel, gasoline, or aviation fuel.
  • No-Rust 0.125" thick heavy-duty aluminum construction.
  • Fully welded seams and 100% pressure tested for leaks.
  • A tank that can be used as a diesel aux tank with extra cost gravity feed installation kit.

Tank and Toolbox Measurements in Inches

Tank Finish    Gal.    A    B    C   TB/A   TB/B
74026PC Black 50 19 48 20 6.25 41
74026 Brite 50 19 48 20 6.25 41
71789 Brite 51 19 50 20 6.25 48
72548PC Black 60 19.5 55 20 6.25 48
72548 Brite 60 19.5 55 20 6.25 48
72549 Brite 90 19.5 55 30 6.25 48
72894 Brite 90 23.25 55 30 10 48
71787 Brite 60 19 57 20 6.25 48
71925 Brite 60 22.75 57 20 10 48
71788 Brite 90 19 57 30 6.25 48

RDS transfer tank and toolbox combos make the most of your truck bed space. Transport diesel, gasoline, or aviation fuel in full DOT compliance while storing and protecting your valuable tools with these clever RDS fuel tank combos that are proudly made in the USA.

Rectangular RDS Transfer Tank features:

  • No-Rust 0.125-inch-thick heavy-duty aluminum construction
  • Fully welded seams that are 100% pressure tested for leaks
  • Internal built-in baffles to reduce sloshing and weight transfer
  • DOT Approved rollover safety valve (vent)
  • Included 3/8-inch NTP drain plug

Toolbox features:

  • Lid reinforced with welded braces
  • Two gas-filled lift cylinders to assist in opening and holding open the toolbox lid
  • Two stainless steel paddle opening handles, one that locks
  • Linked paddles so the lid can be opened from either side

Choose 50- to 90-gallon capacity RDS aluminum transfer tanks and measure your truck bed to assure the proper fit. Contact Leonard Accessories for assistance adding a gravity feed installation kit to use tank as a diesel auxiliary tank.

It Pays To Buy The Best - On some things, quality and experience should be your first consideration. RDS has been building aluminum transfer and auxiliary tanks for over 45 years. RDS products build quality meets DOT's stringent standards and DOT certification is not a one-time thing. Facilities and construction techniques are constantly monitored and must be maintained to keep the certification. Thick 1/8" aluminum, continuously welded seams, and pressure testing for leaks are all part of the RDS manufacturing process.

A Tank is Not Just a Tank - The tank and toolbox combo listed here is considered a transfer tank. In the fuel tank world, a "Transfer Tank" is one that's used with a pump attached to fuel equipment or vehicles other than the vehicle carrying the tank. However, there's no rule against refueling the truck carrying the tank. The main thing is that the tank is not part of the truck's own fuel system. Tanks that are integrated into the truck's factory fuel system are called generally referred to as "Auxiliary Tanks". RDS transfer tanks are legal for diesel, gasoline, and aviation fuel. However, they cannot be used as auxiliary tanks for flammable liquids like gasoline. Flammable liquids cannot legally or safely be gravity fed into the truck's existing fuel system.

RDS Gives You Options - RDS Transfer Tanks Can Be Auxiliary Tanks but their Auxiliary tanks are not designed to be Transfer Tanks. RDS transfer tanks can be adapted easily to be diesel auxiliary tanks by replacing the 3/8 NPT drain plug with a barbed hose fitting. RDS makes a complete kit for integrating your transfer tank into your diesel trucks fuel system. The RDS gravity feed kits can be purchased here. The kit contains everything you need to make the connection from the auxiliary tank with a 3/8" NPT bottom fitting to the factory fill tube. The diesel auxiliary tank keeps the factory tank full. When the auxiliary tank is empty your factory fuel gauge will move off the full mark. These kits are supplied with detailed instructions and take less than an hour to install. There are no wires or switches to install, engineered for rollover protection, and only requires attaching the kit supplied 3/8" npt pipe fitting on the bottom of the tank in place of the drain fitting and splicing into the factory filler tube.

Big Brother is Watching - The DOT has some specific rules about carrying diesel fuel or gasoline. RDS Transfer Tanks are DOT certified for transferring diesel, gasoline, or aviation fuel. However, laws will vary from State to State - so we STRONGLY suggest that local and state-level ordinances be reviewed before the purchase of a transfer or auxiliary tank.

You Do Have Some Work To Do - RDS offers many different configurations, capacities, and shapes but measuring the area you intend to mount your tank is the only way to correctly choose the right tank for your truck. Use our guide "How to Measure Your Truck Bed for a Transfer or Auxiliary Tank"

What You Need To Know:

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