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Universal Multiple Light Controller
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Rough Country Universal Multiple Light Controller

Universal Multiple Light Controller
0.00 LBS
  • 12 Position Terminal Block For Accessory Attachment
  • 6 40-amp Cube Style Relays [plug-in Style]
  • 6 Diodes To Prevent Led field Collapse
  • 6 30-amp Ato Style Automotive Fuses
Take command of your electronic devices with Rough Countrys Universal MLC-6 Multiple Light Controller! This easy and reliable electrical upgrade allows you to control six auxiliary LED lights or electrical devices with the push of a button. Each kit features a power distribution block, 6-row switch hub, mounting hardware, and high-temperature, abrasion resistant wiring cables.Rough Countrys MLC-6 is a professional quality power distribution system and switchboard designed for use in any vehicle; allowing you to add professional control for your electronic devices in an easy-to-install system that doesnt force you to splice into factory wiring. This plug-and-play system uses an in-line fused relay allowing you to safely connect up to 6 devices to one of the 6 interior switches with no mess and no fuss. The universal six-button switch bezel can be installed in any location you see fit so that no matter what make and model you drive, youre sure to find the perfect position for controlling your electronics.Rough Countrys MLC-6 Power Distribution Block features an integrated LVCO (Low-Voltage Cut-Off) Circuit that detects battery voltage and will cut-off each accessory when the battery falls below operating voltage, ensuring you always have enough power to turn over your engine. This distribution system also features a 12-position terminal block for hooking up accessories, six plug-in style 40-amp cube relays, and 6 ATO style 30-amp automotive fuses for superior power and protection. Includes a 1-year mechanical warranty and 1-year electrical warranty!


  • Inline 50amp Manual Resetting Circuit Breaker
  • 8 Gauge Power Leads w/Crimped And Soldered Terminal
  • For Connection To The Battery
  • Integrated Lvco [low-voltage-cut-off] Circuit
  • Fuse For Lvco Which Can Be Removed To Bypass The Lvco
  • High-Temp; Abrasion Resistant Wiring Cables
0.00 LBS
Rough Country
Lighting Control Module
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