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Sewer Jetter HD Series Truck Box -3000 PSI-5 GPM
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Chandler Sewer Jetter HD Series Truck Box | 3000 PSI | 5 GPM

200 ft of 3/8" Hose - Honda GX390 Engine

Sewer Jetter HD Series Truck Box -3000 PSI-5 GPM
0.00 LBS
  • Special Packaging Reduces Shipping Damage
  • Constructed With 5052 .125 Thick Smooth Aluminum.
  • 5 GPM at 3000 PSI with Pulsator
  • Honda GX390 Gas Engine with Electric Start

HD Series Aluminum Cam and Bar Lock Box Features:

  • Special Packaging Reduces Shipping Damage
  • Stainless Steel Piano Hinges with 1/4" Knuckle
  • Robotically Welded for Consistent Quality
  • Automotive Grade One-Piece Gasket
  • Stainless Steel Cam Over Latch with Padlock Provision
  • Jetter Stand with Anti-Vibration Pads
  • Rear Access Removable Panel with Ventilation
  • Three 1" Drain Holes
  • Made in the USA

Included Jetter Box features:

  • 5 GPM at 3000 PSI with Pulsator
  • Honda GX390 Gas Engine with Electric Start
  • Remote Mount Fuel Tank
  • Hannay Electric Reel with 200ft of 3/8" Hose
  • Guide Rollers and Electric Rewind Reel
  • Wash Down Gun with Quick Connect Tips
  • Tools and Nozzles

Honda GX390 Engine Features:****

  • Four-Stroke: No fuel mixing required. Four-stroke creates less exhaust fumes and runs quieter. This GX390 is emisions complaint so no fines and no catalyst required.
  • Fuel-Efficient: OHV design for high efficiency and power output. CDI ignition with variable timing for fast starts and efficiency throughout the RPM range.***
  • Smooth Operation : Precise engineering along with a heavy-duty balance shaft reduces vibration resulting in less wear on the other components mounted in the box.
  • Reliable: Cast iron cylinder sleeve, highest quality materials, Oil alert system that prevents seizure due to low oil levels.*
  • Electric Start : No yanking on a breakable cord. Easy electric start is even easier with Honda's Automatic Mechanical Decompression** system means less stress on your truck battery.
  • Remote Mounted Fuel Tank: Safer and easier than trying to refuel inside of the box.

Hannay E1520-17-18 Electric Rewind Reel Features :****

  • Reel: Roll-formed steel drum with full-length weld. Lightweight and compact reel designed for long lengths of hose with power rewind. Power rewind reels include chain and sprocket drive powered by an electric motor.
  • Power Rewind: Bevel Gear
  • Reel Support: Dual bearings support the hub assemble which includes the fluid hub, the outlet riser, and the reel axle. The reel axle provides additional support and structural rigidity.
  • Reel Mount : Heavy-duty steel frame.

High-Level Equipment Belongs In A Chandler Truck Accessories Box:

Quality: Chandler Truck Accessories' attention to detail starts with the box that contains the "box". Before they are packaged each Chandler Equipment toolbox is wrapped in a self-stick film to reduce the possibility of scratching while being packaged. Then, a 1" thick, high-density, foam block is placed at each corner to protect the highly vulnerable corners. At the same time, those blocks create a 1" space between the toolbox and the shipping box which helps reduce damage from a light bump or the sharp corner of another package shipped on the same truck. While it is virtually impossible to protect a package from being damaged through carelessness in shipping, Chandler's packaging addresses the most common damage-prone areas.

Durable: Chandler Equipment's Toolboxes are designed with input from professionals that use under-bed toolboxes, every day, in the roughest environment - oil fields - Chandler Equipment used that input to produce the toughest underbody toolbox you can buy without breaking the budget. Start with robotically welded, 5052 .125 thick aluminum for both the box and the door. The doors are polished barn style with a stainless steel cam over bar-latch and padlock provision (locks sold separately). Robot welding ensures a consistent weld and the jig mounting keeps the box perfectly square during assembly. Full-length stainless steel piano hinges with a .25" knuckle are huck-mounted on each door.

Weather Resistant: The design features don't stop with the box itself, though. Instead of inset doors, Chandler Truck Accessories mount the doors for an external closure that enables them to build a 360 degree, full perimeter, 1" wide rain gutter so the water washes down and away. Any overflow is kept out by a full perimeter, automotive grade, replaceable, bulb seal and water-resistance is enhanced further by the stainless steel cam over latch that pulls the door tightly against the seal when closed. The doors are held open with a gas-assist strut on each door.

Secure: The cam locker bar latch is bolted in place with 6 industrial "hucks". Each huck has a pull strength of 3,000 lbs, so you have 18,000 lbs. of protection against any attempt to pry the latch off virtually impossible. Each bar-latch has a provision for a padlock of your choice (not included) so you can choose your level of security and easily provide keyed-alike locks for the fleet.

Convenient: By using hucks for securing the latch and hinge means they are replaceable without cutting and re-welding. If the door should get damaged you just drill out the hucks and replace the door or the full-length stainless steel piano hinge in the field and without removing the toolbox. That's a very important feature if your boxes are welded in place. Inside the box, you'll see four 1/8" gussets on the corners for added strength.

What You Need To Know:

  • Depth and length are important measurements to consider
  • Before ordering note the locations of your fuel tank, fill and lines, brake lines, hydraulics, etc.
  • Chandler's Cam Locker Compression latch pulls the door tightly against the seal while locking.
  • The full perimeter seal is replaceable
  • The Door and latch are replaceable should they be damaged
  • Boxes may be mounted by welding, bolt-on (holes need to be drilled), or mounted with "L' brackets ( sold separately here )


*The Oil Alert system consists of an oil level sensor inside the crankcase. When the oil reaches a level that is too low for safe operation, the engine warns you or stops automatically.

**This system, which is connected to the camshaft, reduces compression by opening the exhaust valve slightly when the engine is being started. This reduces the amount of force needed to start the engine and improves starting performance. The system disengages automatically after the engine starts to prevent any power loss during normal operation.

***Honda’s Variable Timing Digital CDI ignition allows optimal ignition timing based on engine speed. The result: Excellent starting, High power output, Reduced fuel consumption, and Outstanding emissions performance. An engine rev limiter is also incorporated to prevent over-revving.

****Chandler Equipment may choose to change the engine or reel model due to manufacturer upgrades or availability. Replacements would be of greater or equal quality if that should occur.

If you have fitment questions please contact us.

Part Doors A B C Number Of Latches
5000-8000 2 Barn Style 24 24 48 1 Bar-Cam

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