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Transfer Flow Refueling or Transfer Rectangular Fuel Tank Pump and Hose Included

Choose Gallons, Pump Style, and Finish Coating

Pictures Will Not Necessarily Represent Finishes Exactly
$1,879.99 - $3,295.99
0.00 LBS

Transfer Flow Refueling and Transfer Fuel Tank Systems Standard Features:

  • 12-Volt GPI Fuel Pump With 12 Ft. Hose and Nozzle
  • Textured Black Available With Gas/Diesel Pump Only
  • Locking Filler Cap, Wiring Harness With Cab-Mounted Power Switch
  • Baffled To Prevent Fuel Sloshing
  • All Mounting Hardware Included
  • Drilling is Necessary
  • DOT Legal For Gasoline, Diesel, Methanol/Ethanol, And Kerosene
  • Built With 12-Gauge ReliaSteel*, a High-Yield U.S. Aluminized Steel
  • ReliaSteel* Provides Superior Durability And Strength
  • Powder Coated Satin Black or Optional (at extra cost) Textured Black
  • Easy-To-Use Hose-Purge Feature Eliminates Messes
  • Pumps Up To 15 Gallons Per Minute (40 GAL tanks have 8 GPM Pumps)
  • 6 Year, Unlimited Mile Warranty
  • Made In The USA

Tank Measurements In Inches

Part Number

Gallons A/Height (inc. 3" for filler cap) B/Length C/Width (inc. 3" for mounting tabs) Ship Weight (lbs.)
xxxxx16206           40                17.125 40.000                     23 190
xxxxx09417           50                24.000 54.375                     22 206
xxxxx09420           82                26.625 47.75                   26.625 251
xxxxx09416          109                22.625 54.75                     30 297
xxxxx13244          100       (split50/50)                24.375 47.375                     31 332
xxxxx09418    100 L-Shape                28 53.75                     36.75


*ReliaSteel is TransferFlow's Trademark name for their aluminized steel.

Wikipedia describes the advantages of aluminized steel "The basic structure of aluminized steel is a thin aluminum oxide layer outside, then an intermetallic layer that is a mix of aluminum, silicon, and steel, and finally a steel core. Both Type 1 and Type 2 show excellent high reflectivity characteristics. At temperatures up to 842 degrees C (1,548 degrees F), aluminized steel reflects up to 80% of heat projected onto it.[3] Aluminized steel has the ability to maintain its strength at temperatures up to 677 degrees C (1,251 degrees F). Although stainless steel is the stronger of the two, aluminized steel has a greater electrostatic surface, and can, therefore, reflect heat better. Aluminized steel is highly resistant to corrosion because of the thin layers of aluminum and silicon, which keep the underlying steel from oxidizing. These thin layers also keep pit corrosion from occurring, especially during exposure to salts that affect most other metals. However, despite the good corrosion resistance of aluminized steel, if the aluminum layer is disrupted and the steel is exposed, then the steel may oxidize and corrosion may occur".

Transfer Flow fuel tanks are the next level in refueling and transfer tanks. TransferFlow Refueling and Transfer Tanks are DOT legal for gasoline, aviation, diesel, methanol/ethanol, and kerosene. Produced with U.S. sourced ReliaSteel*, this 12- gauge, aluminized steel provides higher resistance to external heat and corrosion than plain steel and is much stronger than the aluminum used for most diamond plate and mill-finish tanks.

Transfer Flow's refueling tanks all have their high capacity, 12Volt, 15 gallons per minute (40-gallon tanks have an 8 GPM pump) GPI pumps mounted below the top of the tank. That means no pump sticking out way over the top of your bed. In fact, most of these transfer tanks have an overall height that would rise only a few inches above most typical truck beds.

You Do Have Some Work To Do - Transfer Flow offers many different configurations, capacities, and shapes but measuring the area you intend to mount your tank is the only way to correctly choose the right tank for your truck. Use our guide "How to Measure Your Truck Bed for a Transfer or Auxiliary Tank"

What You Need To Know:

  • Drilling is Required for installation
  • Textured Black Tanks Are only Available with Gas/Diesel Pumps
  • Measuring your bed is the ONLY way to ensure you are buying the correct size tank Measuring Your Truck Bed For A Fuel Tank
  • 40 Gallon tanks have an 8 GPM Pump
  • 40 Gallon tanks will fit under most clamp on tonneau covers, measure to be sure
  • The 109 gallon tank is recommended for long bed trucks only.
  • Transfer Flow does not make or endorse gravity feed style, diesel installations.
0.00 LBS
Transfer Flow, Inc
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