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Aluminum Liquid Transfer Tanks
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Delta Aluminum Liquid Fuel Transfer Tanks for Trucks

Rectangular L Shaped and Square Liquid Transfer Fuel Tanks

Aluminum Liquid Transfer Tanks
$621.95 - $1,013.95
0.00 LBS
  • Two Full Center Baffles Add Extra Strength and Control the Flow of the Contents When Moving
  • 2" NPT Reinforced Bungs Allow Mounting a Pump on Either Side of the Tank
  • Four High Strength Brackets for Securing the Tank to the Bed
  • Rugged, Extra Heavy-Duty .125 Treadplate Aluminum Construction for durability and long-term use.
  • Model 437000 and 438000 have two full center baffles for strength.
  • Model 439000 has single full baffle.
  • 2 NPT Reinforced Bungs allow reversing the lockable filler cap for easy access from either side.
  • Welded Tie-Down Brackets for securing the tank in the truck bed.
  • These transfer tanks must be shipped truck freight to a business address.

Delta aluminum liquid transfer tanks are designed for the toughest conditions. Made of heavy-duty .125 Treadplate Aluminum, the tanks have internal baffles for reinforcement and to control the flow of the contents when moving. All tanks are pressure tested for leaks. Internal baffles reinforce the high-strength design and control the flow of the contents when moving. Bungs on both sides allow the fill to be moved left or right. Internal baffles reinforce the high-strength design and control the flow of the contents when moving. JOBOX liquid transfer tanks are approved meeting D.O.T. requirements for combustible fuel like diesel not flammable fuel like gasoline. They are stand alone only and cannot be connected to an existing fuel system under any circumstances. Tank Capacity listed is the Safety Fill Rating, however, the Max Fill rating is slightly higher but will leave little to no room for expansion in warmer temperatures. TANKS ARE REGULATED BY STATE LAW. CONTACT THE LOCAL FIRE CHIEF OR STATE FIRE MARSHAL FOR LOCAL CODES.

We've included a "Suggested Fitment Guide" tab but strongly suggest you measure your truck bed. Use our Guide "How To Measure Your Truck Bed For A Toolbox"  to avoid time consuming and costly returns.

If you have fitment questions please contact us


Toolbox Measurements In Inches

Part Number Color Safety Fill Capacity    A    B    C   D    E Shape Weight
    436000 Silver            74 Gallons 48.25  19.00  31.00 9.00 10.75 'L' 106 lbs.
    437000 Silver          100 Gallons 57.50 25.00 31.00 9.00 10.00 'L' 112 lbs.
    438000 Silver          100 Gallons 45.25  23.25 23.25  N/A N/A  Rectangular   94 lbs.
    439000 Silver           50 Gallons 23.25 23.25 23.25  N/A N/A  Square   64 lbs.

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Delta Tool Boxes
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