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Severe Series Refueling Tanks
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ATI Severe Series HD Aluminum Transfer Fuel Tank

Aluminum Rectangular or L-Shape

Severe Series Refueling Tanks
$1,239.99 - $1,253.99
0.00 LBS
  • Lockable SpinSecure vent
  • Fully welded baffles
  • 50% thicker, heavier

Toolbox Measurements in Inches

Tank Shape Gallons A   B C   D  E  F
SSL95      "L"      92  9 48.5 33  26 11 17
SSR110 Rectangle    110 24 48.5 24 n/a n/a n/a




Similar Capacity Tanks Have Different Shapes.  Review Each Before You Decide.

We're sorry we don't have pictures of the black tanks. 

"Custom Colors, Sizes, and Configurations Possible Call For Quote"


  • Lockable SpinSecure vent/prevent cap, highest grade cap in the industry. The prevent lets the tank take in air while pumping.
  • Fully welded baffles for additional strength and reduce content movement. Internal baffles create smaller compartments inside the tank.
  • Unique internal pump bung support. Both bungs are equipped with the supports so you can mount your pump on either bung.
  • 50% thicker, heavier .190" HD aluminum construction.
  • Vent with rollover protection for SAFETY and functionality.
  • Two 2" bungs with support for mounting the pump on either side.
  • 5 year warranty
  • Special Permit issued by the US Department of Transportation for use in commerce.
  • Designed for Gasoline, Diesel, Kerosene, Avfuel, and Methanol.
  • DOT permit allows transportation while the pump is still attached to the tank.
  • Custom sizes and options available upon request

When The Going Gets Tough - Aluminum Tank Industries Severe Series refueling tanks are designed for severe conditions. These refueling tanks can easily handle larger pumps and off road conditions. Your vehicle takes a beating in off road environments and so does the equipment you're transporting. These tanks are constructed using 50% thicker .190" thick HD aluminum and have a unique internal pump bung support allow them to carry pumps over 30 lbs. in weight.

Just To Be Clear - The tanks listed here are considered transfer tanks. Since the name is a little ambiguous, in the fuel tank world, a "Transfer Tank" is one that's used with a pump attached to fuel equipment or vehicles other than the vehicle carrying the tank. However, there's no rule against refueling the truck carrying the tank. The main thing is that the tank is not part of the truck's own fuel system. Tanks that are integrated into the truck's factory fuel system are called generally referred to as "Auxiliary Tanks". ATI does make Auxiliary Tanks and are listed that way here .

DOT-DOT-DOT - Not all tanks are designed for flammable liquids such as gasoline; many that are "so-called" transfer tanks are only good for non-flammable liquids. ATI refueling transfer tanks are designed and constructed to comply with DOT specifications. ATI explains the advantage clearly here:

The Department of Transportation allows companies to build "transfer tanks" to transport diesel and other non flammable liquids. There are design specs they must follow in order to be compliant. The DOT wrote the specifications that need to be followed, but it is up to the manufacturer to be compliant. In other words, the DOT does not usually check their design or type unless there is an accident. So it is legal to fill and transport non flammable liquids using a "transfer tank" but only privately, they're not for use in many circumstances. Now if there is an accident, the end user and the manufacturer can be investigated for compliance. Refueling tanks under this special permit are different and here's how. First, the design, construction, materials, justification, among other things are reviewed by the DOT and approved if they so determine. The manufacturer is required to demonstrate that the special permit achieves the level of safety required. Second, it's designed for use with flammables such as gasoline. Third, you can pump from it, legally, whether it''s private, commercial, state or otherwise without removing the tank from your vehicle.

Bottom Line - DOT certification protects you in the event of an accident. Whether you are a farmer, contractor, municipality, or simply a private citizen, you can trust that your ATI tank will hold up. All of ATI's tanks are manufactured in the USA, nothing is outsourced. ATI refueling tanks are legal in all 50 states for gasoline, kerosene, methanol, diesel, and aviation fuel.*

*Local ordinances may apply, so protect yourself and check with your state, county or minicipality for specific guidelines.

 Ready To Work - All ATI refueling tanks come standard with a 3/8"npt drain plug, two 2" npt bungs (so you can mount your pump on either side), a locking cap, and fully welded baffles to reduce slosh and add strength. These tanks are constructed from rugged diamond plate aluminum and are all available with an extra cost powder coated finish. Severe tanks can handle a pump assembly over 30 lbs.

You Have a Little Work To Do - ATI offers many different configurations, capacities, and shapes but measuring the area you intend to mount your tank is the only way to correctly choose the right tank for your truck. Use our guide "How to Measure Your Truck Bed for a Transfer or Auxiliary Tank"

 If you cannot find a fit for your truck or have any other questions please contact us for help.

What You Need To Know:

0.00 LBS
Fully Welded reducing content movement
Aluminum Tank Industries
Two 2" Bungs, mount pump on either side
Special Permit:
DOT Approved
5 Years
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