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Typical Rectangular Auxiliary Tank
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ATI Aluminum Auxiliary Fuel Tank for Gasoline

Black or Silver - Multiple Capacities

Typical Rectangular Auxiliary Tank
$710.99 - $1,051.99
0.00 LBS
  • Automotive style fuel filler cap
  • 3/8" npt drain fitting
  • Fully welded baffles to reduce content movement
  • Visual, pressure and video leak detection test

Toolbox Measurements in Inches

Tank Gal. A B C Bottom Style
AUX30RG 30 9 48.5 19  
AUX41RG 41 19 48.5 11  
AUX46RG 46 16.5 57 12  
AUX65RG* 62 13 60 21  Slanted in to 54"
AUX42RG 42 12 48.5 19  
AUX43RG* 43 16.5 58 12  Notched in and down 3.5" to 51"
AUX51RG 51 24 60 9  
AUX58RG 58 13 58 21  

Similar Capacity Tanks Have Different Shapes.  Review Each Before You Decide.

We're sorry we don't have pictures of the black tanks. 

"Custom Colors, Sizes, and Configurations Possible Call For Quote"


Go longer and further with an auxiliary gasoline fuel tank from Aluminum Tank Industries. This beast of a tank can haul between 30 and 62 extra gallons of gasoline (depending on which model you choose) so you never run out of fuel, even on long trips. An auxiliary tank is a safer, cheaper way to keep your vehicles fueled up compared to solutions like hauling plastic fuel containers.

With Aluminum Tank Industries' auxiliary fuel tanks, gasoline is filled via an automotive-style fuel filler cap. The fully welded baffles prevent gas from sloshing around in transit, while multiple leak detection safeguards help ensure that you don't miss a potentially wasteful or dangerous leak. The polished aluminum body adds a sleek look to your truck and will stay in great shape even when exposed to constant weather and dirt.

When it comes to the use of an auxiliary fuel tank, gasoline can be extremely dangerous and tricky. It's crucial that you read all safety and installation information before filling the tank with gasoline. Although these are Department of Transportation (DOT) approved auxiliary gasoline tanks, note that laws vary widely from state to state, so be sure it's legal to use a gasoline auxiliary tank in your state before installing.

Aluminum Tank Industries Gasoline Auxiliary Tank Features:

  • Vent fitting with rollover protection
  • Fuel pickup fitting
  • Fuel return fitting
  • Automotive style fuel filler cap
  • 3/8" npt drain fitting
  • Fully welded baffles to reduce content movement
  • Visual, pressure and video leak detection test
  • Tanks cleaned inside and out prior to shipping
  • Mounting Tabs
  • 1 Year limited warranty

Auxiliary Gasoline Tanks Are Complicated - Unlike diesel, a non-flammable liquid, gasoline has its own special set of rules. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you know what's involved to remain safe and legal. ATI aluminum auxiliary fuel tanks for gas are built to meet and exceed Title 49 CFR 393.65 for fuel tanks. The all aluminum .125" thick HD fuel tank was specifically designed for gasoline. ATI gas auxiliary fuel tanks range from 30 to 62 gallons. If you want to keep most of your bed space look at the more slender aluminum fuel tank designs. ATI that tanks with similar gallon capacities are very different in dimensions so measure carefully and choose the best size and gallonage for your needs. Some low profile tanks will be compatible with crossover toolboxes.

Please Note, Auxiliary Gasoline Tanks are not for sale in the state of California and Laws will vary from State to State - so we STRONGLY suggest that local and state level ordinances be reviewed before the purchase of a gasoline auxiliary tank. TheInstallation to incorporate this tank into the truck's existing fuel system should be performed by a professional and comply with necessary DOT regulations.

Kits are NOT available but an example of a typical installation would go like this:

The Installer/Purchaser is responsible for acquiring fuel hoses,clamps, and an electric fuel pump to complete the installation. The gasoline auxiliary tank connects into the factory fuel system through the filler neck hose. The gasoline auxiliary tanks install similarly to the diesel ones, however, it is not legal to gravity feed out of the bottom of the auxiliary tank with gasoline. By law, the fuel must be pulled from a fitting on top of the auxiliary tank. ATI adds a pickup tube to the gas auxiliary tanks with a hose barb on the top of the tank. You must use a pump, a low volume universal fuel pump, for example, an Airtex E84070 with an on/off switch in the cab, to pull the fuel from the aux tank and pump it into the factory tank via the truck's factory filler neck hose. ATI offers the 1" ( FNA1.0 ) filler neck adapters which work with most gas trucks. These adapters have two 3/8" hose barbs; one where your fuel comes in and one where we recommend running a return line back to the auxiliary tank. On most trucks, you will also need to run another hose from the vent on the auxiliary fuel tank and "T" into the factory installed vent line that runs along with the filler neck hose. This will close the system to ensure you don't get check engine or loose gas cap SES warning lights.

You Still Have a Little Work To Do - measuring the area you intend to mount your tank is the only way to correctly choose the right tank for your truck. Use our guide "How to Measure Your Truck Bed for a Transfer or Auxiliary Tank"

If you cannot find a fit for your truck or have any other questions please contact us for help.

What You Need To Know:

  • Certain Municipalities may have special laws regarding gasoline auxiliary tanks.
  • There are no installation kits. The purchaser is responsible for acquiring the necessary pieces for the auxiliary tank to truck tank integration.
  • Measuring is the only way to know if the Tank will fit your truck. Use our Guide to measure.
  • Mounting tabs extend out 1-1/2"
  • These tanks cannot be used with an external pump.
  • Order your Pumps, Meters, and Gauges here
  • Leonard Truck Accessories is a Direct Distributor of ATI Tank Products
0.00 LBS
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