Decked DECKED Truck Bed Storage Drawer System

The Decked Truck Bed Supports Up To 2,000 lbs - Drawers Hold 200 lbs. Each

MSRP: $1,195.95 - $1,249.99
$1,149.99 - $1,249.99 (Inc. Tax)
MSRP: $1,195.95 - $1,249.99
$1,149.99 - $1,249.99 (Ex. Tax)

  • A load rating of 2,000 lbs evenly distributed
  • Weatherproof drawers and side storage bins
  • 2 drawers that can carry up to 200 lbs and still roll out easily
  • Easy installation with no drilling required

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DECKED Truck Bed Storage System Features

  • A load rating of 2,000 lbs evenly distributed
  • Weatherproof drawers and side storage bins
  • 2 drawers that can carry up to 200 lbs and still roll out easily
  • Easy installation with no drilling required
  • Custom designed for your individual pickup truck
  • 3-year Limited Warranty

Why Buy A DECKED Truck Bed - The DECKED System is an ergonomic toolbox which slides out tools, gear, and other items, in heavy-duty drawers at waist height, while still allowing the owner full use of their truck or van bed. DECKED is weatherproof, secure, ergonomic, environmentally responsible, and made in the USA.

Construction With Hi-Tech But Green Materials - Built from 100% recycled, high density, polyethylene co-molded to a steel subframe (most of the steel is also recycled). The deck has a true, engineered load rating of 2,000 lbs. Ratings are for evenly distributed weight and if your truck is rated for 1500 lbs. you won't overload your DECKED unit but you may do damage to your truck - if you load to the max. Stainless steel hardware, a galvanized steel frame, and cast aluminum handles are engineered to work hard for years.

Made To Fit Your Truck - Your DECKED Storage System will fit with minimal gaps between it and your truck beds sidewalls. Cad design matches your DECKED Unit to your truck bed's unique contours. No drilling required for installation either, DECKED uses existing mounting points in your truck bed. DECKED is compatible with Ford F150, Ford F250, F350, RAM 1500, RAM 2500, Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra, Toyota Tundra, and Nissan Titan pickup trucks.  DECKED Storage Drawers for trucks with 8' beds will not extend fully to the bulkhead. Depending on your truck model the open area will be 17" to 19.5" wide. This space can accommodate properly sized toolboxes or fuel tanks. 

Fits Your Professional or Recreational Needs - DECKED truck bed storage systems are perfect for small businesses like painters, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and handyman services.  However, it also works well for the serious hunter, camper, fisherman, cyclist, kayaker, or team manager. 

So Many Details To Make Your Life Easier - The weatherproof drawers will handle 200 lbs. and still, roll out easily. Side storage bins or "AMMO Cans" keep small articles organized and dry. Using your DECKED System for activities other than work? DECKED Drawers can hold ice for "beverages" (remember to purchase the optional drain plugs) and food for the grill. At the tailgate end there's a built stainless steel edge guide that doubles as ruler and bit guide. And for emergencies - right above the DECKED Logo - there's a bottle opener.

Your actual bed length is necessary to ensure you receive the correct DECKED Storage Drawer System for your Truck.  With so many different bed lengths available today "Long Bed" and "Short Bed" designations aren't enough.  Use our Measuring Your Truck Bed for A Tonneau Cover as a guide or please contact us if you are unsure of the proper DECKED unit for your truck. 

What You Need To Know:

  • For safety reasons, drawers extend 4' no matter what length DECKED System you have.
  • You can easily reach anything in a 5.5' system
  • For the 6' and longer systems, we recommend adding a DECKED D-Box to the back of the drawers which can easily be reached to access items in the back.
  • DECKED for 8' beds is 72.25" long.  There will be open space between bulkhead and DECKED Unit 
  • DECKED systems are 12" high.
  • Mid-Size DECKED UNITS have 1 drawer narrower than the other 
  • Drawers do not lock.  An optional Lock System is available  Keep in mind if your tailgate locks the drawers cannot be accessed without opening the tailgate.
  • The DECKED system is NOT compatible with any in-bed towing packages including 5th Wheel and Gooseneck packages, certain wiring harnesses and aftermarket LED bed lighting
  • Will work with a spray-in bed liner, but not a drop-in plastic bed liner
  • Will work with a BedRug mat, but not with a BedRug full liner.
  • Optional Drawer Dividers are available
  • Once assembled the DECKED System can be removed in about 1/2 hour. (Note: Unloaded System Weight is 220 lbs)
  • DECKED does not work with the RamBox Cargo Management System. The bed dimensions are changed so dramatically that our two drawer system will not fit into the available space.
  • Leonard Truck Accessories is a Direct Distributor of DECKED Products

Real truck lovers and off-roaders buy the best quality, best-reviewed, best priced DECKED Truck Bed Storage Drawer Systems through Leonard Accessories or visit any one of our stores in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. Leonard Store Locator.

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