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T-Handle Compression Latch
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Chandler Underbody Truck Toolboxes Steel With T-Handle Latch

Choose Multiple Lengths and Widths in Black Powder Coat

T-Handle Compression Latch
$330.77 - $982.15
0.00 LBS
  • Special Packaging Reduces Shipping Damage
  • Constructed With American Carbon Steel.
  • HD 12 Gauge Steel Body And Door.
  • Textured Black Powder-Coating Inside and Out Protects Against Corrosion.

Toolbox Dimensions

Note: Boxes now have a Matte finish and may not match existing Chandler equipment

         Box A B C Latches
5000-2500 12 12 18 1
5000-3100 14   9 20 1
5000-3200 14 11 24 1
5000-2700 14 11 18 1
5000-0680 14 12 18 1
5000-2750 14 16 24 1
5000-3000 14 16 30 1
5000-1800 14 16 36 1
5000-2600 14 16 48 2
5000-0600 15 15 18 1
5000-0580 15 15 24 1
5000-0590 15 15 30 1
5000-1900 18 18 24 1
5000-2300 18 18 30 1
5000-2000 18 18 24 1
5000-2100 18 18 48 2
5000-2400 18 18 60 2
5000-0770 18 18 72 2
5000-0780 18 18 96 2
5000-0140 24 24 24 1
5000-0150 24 24 36 1
5000-0520 24 24 48 2
  • Special Packaging Reduces Shipping Damage
  • Constructed With American Carbon Steel.
  • HD 12 Gauge Steel Body And Door with Latch Guard.
  • Textured Matte Black Powder-Coating Inside And Out Protects Against Corrosion.
  • Greasable, Dual Custom Hinges
  • Full Perimeter Rain Gutter With Matching Rubber Seal
  • Your Box Can Be Mounted On Either A Flat Surface Or Under-Bed
  • Dual 3/16" Check Chains Support The Drop-Down Door
  • T-Handle Twist Latch Has Loop For Padlock and Built-in Key Lock
  • Un-Matched 10 Year Limited Warranty 
  • Proudly Made in the USA.

Quality:  Chandler Truck Accessories' attention to detail starts with the box that contains the "box".  Before they are packaged each Chandler Equipment toolbox is wrapped in a self-stick film to reduce the possibility of scratching while being packaged.  Then, a 1" thick, high-density, foam block is placed at each corner to protect the highly vulnerable corners.  At the same time, those blocks create a 1" space between the toolbox and the shipping box which helps reduce damage from a light bump or the sharp corner of another package shipped on the same truck.  While it is virtually impossible to protect a package from being damaged through carelessness in shipping, Chandler's packaging addresses the most common damage-prone areas.    

Durable:  Chandler Equipment's Toolboxes are designed with input from professionals that use under-bed toolboxes, every day, in the roughest environment - oil fields.  Chandler Equipment used that input to produce the toughest underbody toolbox you can buy without breaking the budget. Start with robotically welded, 12 gauge U.S. Carbon steel for both the box and the door. Robot welding ensures a consistent weld and the jig mounting keeps the box perfectly square. Open the door and you will see a fully powder-coated-interior and two 3/16" HD drop chains because, after all, you know that the door is going to be used as a platform at some time and these HD chains are up to the task.

Weather Resistant:  The design features don't stop with the box itself, though. Instead of inset doors, Chandler Truck Accessories mounts the doors for an external closure that enables them to build a 360 degree, full perimeter, 1" wide rain gutter so the water washes down and away. Any overflow is kept out by a full perimeter, automotive grade, replaceable, bulb seal and water-resistance is enhanced further by the twist-to-lock T-Handle latch that pulls the door tightly against the seal. That T-Handle latch is adjustable so it will always pull the door tightly shut even after years of use.

Secure:  The T-Handle latch has a built-in lock cylinder and for added protection, a loop for a padlock. Rather than weld the handle to the door it is bolted in place with 4 industrial "hucks". Each huck has a pull strength of 3,000 lbs, so you have 12,000 lbs. of protection against any attempt to pry the door open.  The position of the hucks is not visible from the outside so drilling, externally, to gain access is virtually impossible.

Convenient:  By using hucks for securing the latch and hinges means they are replaceable without cutting and re-welding. If the door should get damaged you just drill out the hucks and replace the door or the hinge in the field and without removing the toolbox. That's a very important feature if your boxes are welded in place.  Inside the box, you'll see two 1" holes for draining that spilled oil or hydraulic fluid. Two snap-in plugs are included for easy access and sealing after draining.

What You Need To Know:

  • Chandler packages each toolbox to reduce the possibility of shipping damage
  • 12 Gauge is thicker than 14 Gauge - and so on. A smaller number means greater thickness.
  • Depth and length are important measurements to consider
  • Before ordering note the locations of your fuel tank, fill and lines, brake lines, hydraulics, etc.
  • Chandler's T-Handle Compression latch pulls the door tightly against the seal while locking.
  • The full perimeter seal is replaceable
  • The Door and latch are replaceable should they be damaged
  • 48" and longer boxes have 2 compression latches
  • Boxes may be mounted by welding, bolt-on (holes need to be drilled), or mounted with "L' brackets (18" x 18" and 24" x 24" only and sold separately)

For our pickup truck owners Leonard Accessories has a wide variety of toolboxes designed to work with your body style just explore our variety of high quality bed mounted tool boxes.If you have fitment questions before ordering please contact us

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T-handle Latch
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