What do you buy the man in your life for Christmas? Whether it be your Dad, Husband, Boyfriend, Brother or whomever, it's simple, start with his truck and never look back. The list is endless when it comes to truck accessories so we helped narrow things down for you a little with popular Christmas gift ideas we see being purchased each year. As always if you are unsure of what you want our knowledgable team members are ready to help!

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Truck Tonneau Covers

We proudly sell Tonneau truck covers that any truck owner is sure to love. We offer roll-up covers, fiberglass covers, folding covers, retractable covers, hard covers, and tool box covers. With so many options you can feel confident that you will find the best Christmas gift for him!

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Truck Tool Boxes

Looking for the perfect gift for a handy-man? Look no further than a truck bed tool box! Tool boxes are a perfect addition to any pickup truck and add storage for small items. If the man you are gift-hunting for is known to build things, fix things, or work on DIY projects, then a tool box is a great present.

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Tailgate Ladders

Tailgates seem to be getting higher and higher as trucks get more powerful. You don’t need to watch your man struggle to climb into the bed of his truck anymore. We offer many styles of tailgate ladders to make it easier than ever to get into your truck bed. Folding ladders don’t just make it easier to get up on the tailgate; they make it safer. Get him the truck gift he didn’t know he needed this Christmas. He’ll be asking why he didn’t get a ladder sooner!

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Tents for Trucks

Did you know that truck tents are extremely popular? If you aren’t sure what a truck tent is, it is a pop-up tent that attaches to your truck bed. You can go camping with nothing more than your truck! The tents are more spacious than you may think, but they take up almost no space in the bed when they are not set up. We also offer many truck tent accessories including a ground tent attachment to give you even more space. The whole family can enjoy a weekend away from home in the outdoors without needing to worry about a camper, RV, or packing tents. We offer the most popular brands and styles of truck tents to make finding the perfect gift easy for you.

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Snow Plows

If you live somewhere snowy, a snow plow is perfect for your man! Purchasing a snow plow is a great investment if you have a lot of property to dig out every time it snows. Wouldn’t you rather plow a long driveway than shovel it? Save your guy time and energy with a plow that is easily and securely attached to the front of your truck. We also sell any and all accessories you could need with it including skids, blade markers, lifts, and bases. Definitely consider giving a plow to any older men in your life. There’s no need to spend all day shoveling, or spend money having others plow you out. Make life easier and safer with a high-quality snow plow attachment.

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Nerf Bars

If your man has a truck, do everyone a favor and gift him with Nerf Bars. In case you don’t know, nerf bars are attached to the bottom of a truck and act as steps for passengers to climb in. Trucks can be very tall, making it difficult to get in gracefully. The task is even more difficult for older truck owners, small children, and pets. Nerf Bars give you the extra step you need to safely climb into your truck. Purchase some today and see what a difference they make.

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Cargo Baskets

If the truck owner in your life loves to travel or carry a lot with them, consider gifting them a Cargo Basket. These are roof racks the hold luggage, bags, etc. easily. You can tie large items down to make sure they don’t get lost while you travel. We sell cargo cages, cargo bags, cargo baskets, and more! Never worry about bring too much luggage again.

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Truck Seat Covers

Help your man keep his truck clean with seat covers! Protect your interior and show off your personal style. We offer leather seat covers, easy slip-on cloth covers, and seat protectors for your back seat. Keep your truck looking brand new without giving up style.Check out some of our available seat covers here(including your favorite sports teams!

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Truck and SUV Center Consoles

Give your man the gift of more space! Get him a new console for his truck! Your passengers can each have their own cupholder, and the center area is great for storing small items, books, games, snacks, etc. You can also find personal fridges and vaults that double as extra storage space. Even if you don’t need a full console, Leonard has something for you. Get a cup holder cell phone holder, an over-the-headrest pouch and more! Our consoles are available in different materials and colors to match the inside of your truck as perfectly as possible.

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Dogs Boxes for Trucks

Last but not least, consider a pet rack if you have furry friends to bring along. While typically reserved for hunting dogs, pet boxes are a very safe way to travel with your pets. It is dangerous to have Fido in the front seat, and when the car is full he’s stuck on someone’s lap. Pet Boxes and Pet Crates keep the fur out of your car and lower the risk of accident. Our professional-grade pet boxes go in the bed of your truck and are available in many different sizes. This is sure to be a gift your man will appreciate if he loves traveling with his furry friend but doesn’t like getting his truck interior dirty or scratched.

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